Oinkman is crying for help *scream*

hello this is my experience from being active again since uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after magnus came out?
so hello i came back to try the new hero as usual which this time was Ishtar and she is so amazing so i am consistently playing again. dont @ me but every hero after magnus was boring :smirk_cat:
So i played 5v5 matches in order to do the event to get enough glory to buy ishtar when she comes out (hopefully on this thursday like they used to be? i do not know if they changed it)
well it turns out i was actually enjoying playing 5v5 in vainglory for the first time which is a YAY because i wanted to like it. i enjoy midlane the most
my current favourite heroes are
ISHTAR (alhtough i have not played her in a proper match)

guess i am a mage main (i wish you could sort the hero select by archetype ) (yes petal is off the list :crying_cat_face:)
kinetic animations also look nice

heroes I HATE right now:

joule especially is so annoying to fight against, not impossible, but she is soo tanky and her lightning blast range is much too long and thick

apart from those guys everything felt very nice and balanced
for items, i wish if you were doing autobuild for shatterglass or sorrowblade it would buy the heavy prism or heavy blade before buying the 650 cost one, that is bad design in my opinion
also, shatterglass does feel that great tot buy late game? is piercing better than straight damage?
ALSO please make book of eulogies and barbed needle a utility item that gives cooldown or attack speed and make eve of harvest built out of it (or even energy is useful to both)

i also did the 30 blitz match quests but in the 2 minutes blitz mode and IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN NORMAL BLITZ
apart from kensei epic and other certain talents it was nice and fun. using this mode i got 3 notable rewards: unlockinjg the legendary talents of : tony anjd caine (i dont own caine but his looks good) and the oni kensei skin (i dont think it is a very high quality just red flashes for animation chanages? i also dont like kensei )
this mode feels like it is what blitz was meant to be in the first place

so uhhhhhhhhhhh that is my experience so far

now here are my questions

of my favourites, which are meta?
which items are best overall?
any tactics i should be aware of?
when (if it is at all) is it appropiate to buy defence?
any other questions i should be asking?

thank youu

Ishtar, Malene, Magnus and Joule are really good. Baptiste is also good, he is build as WP not CP.

When building defense is… Hard to explain, is situational, however as a damage dealer (mage) you should prioritize damage, if you get focussed/shut down easily (because your positioning is not great or your team can’t protect you enought) you should build some defense.

be careful when talking about Kensei… Oni Kensei is awesome, and Kensei himself is really fun to play… If you know how… Grrrrrrr

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For malene is it still the rush aftershock into dragons eye and clockwork build? And for Magnus I feel like starting with shatter glass then spellfire and then clockwork?

Also kensei is fine to like :kissing_cat:I just don’t because he looks gross although the one kensei skin model is quite :lips: Also his personality is bland, his weapon is boring and his kit does not work very well when you have a slight lag all the time

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@TadashiN can answer your question about Malene better than me, and for Magnus… I think is :vgitem_spellfire: :vgitem_clockwork: :vgitem_frostburn: and :vgitem_brokenmyth: in this order, but if someone can confirm it would be great.

About Kensei, most dashes work pretty bad with lag, and Kensei has all dashes so it’s kind of expected hahahaa

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Dang what did my boi Sam do to you

annoying easy skillshot :pouting_cat:

For me, I build shatterglass first then aftershock.
Malene recent change, aftershock doesn’t do much damage as it used too. Shatterglass dishes out more damage now. I don’t build dragoneye on her either unless you are in team fight for a long time but her playstyle doesn’t revolves around that unless you go AC path.

My build for malene is , shatterglass (first item) , aftershock (2nd) stormcrown( 3rd), spellfire against healing comps or brokenmyth against sheild comp. Otherwise top 3 item is enough for me to fight. Last 3 is boots , pluseweave then pne more.defense item or attack item.

As for magnus, shatterglass, spellfire and clockwork. So his A comes online more.frequency to spam combo

why would you buikld storm crown third? is it not for farming? (and buy the third item you should be killing more?)

Nope, I treat Malene as a poke Mage. Stormcrown works well with her. For farming shatterglass is enough. Technically with SG + AS, you will be online but with stormcrown, it will double your AA poke damage. AS + SC. AS poke is every 2/3 secs while SC is every 6 sec. In team fight, you will dishing additional 750+ damage in late game

Treat malene like how you play Koshka. In and out, at the edge of the battle. Never stay in battle for too long as you are squishy.