Oh my gaud! [Flying Monkey Ozo]

Ozo looks so ugly urghhhhhh


I want to see it’s animations, they can be awesome, but I don’t quite like the splash art either.

At least be happy that he got a skin after such a long time. His previous skin looked like he stole ringo’s clothes from his tier 1 skin


I don’t like Ozo in general so for me is not important, though I’m curious to see what they’ve done. What I’m waiting for is a Samuel skin, who at this point seems like ozo (no legendary skin yet? Only 2 skins after 2 years?).

I’ve never liked much of anything about Ozo – his in-game model, his back story, his kit, his voice lines, his splash art, his skins …

This particular skin doesn’t make that any better – when I saw The Wizard of Oz for the first time as a kid, the giant flying monkeys freaked me out. SEMC, this is not helpful to my psyche.


Ya’ll trolling this forums arn’tcha… where’s all the art lovers? that detail… that shading… the contrast between colors… the out - of - focus background juxtaposition-ed against the sharp wings and face…

C’mon now… I can’t be alone in this… this is art~!!!


It’s well done, yes, but I don’t like it.


Good thing SEMC released this subpar skin for Ozo. I didn’t want to have to waste any money. It’s funny SEMC doesn’t know how to promote content at all

Hmm. Not so bad. Except for the wings - so small, and not at all… potent. :see_no_evil:

Yeah even I wanted to be as big as they are in the movie the wizard of oz(the new one)

I see.

Ozo is so much of a meme, even smec creates ugly ozo skin.

I prefer broken arm ozo (t0) skin over this splash art.

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For me out of all 3 ozo splash arts this looks the best, despite it being oz themed it’s quite nice

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Actually kinda like the art and skin concept.

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Guarantee that its a Epic and will have Black Feathers on his Three Ringed Circus.

Honestly it looks ugly, hes no longer a monkey but looks like a gorilla instead

I like surrealism. This is way too much contrast much like expressionism…

Light vs dark splashed onto a monkey.

Going for a flying monkey skin is like the lowest they could go. Now all we need is a mermaid skin for Lorelai and that is the final nail in the coffin of what once was creativity.

One nail away from putting creativity 6 feet under. There I said it.

Ozo deserves better than this!

I don’t think the idea is bad. They wanted to make a reference to a popular film so I don’t see the problem in it. I just hate all the stupid “memes” they put out about Ozo thinking they’re funny.

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You’re not alone, I love everything about this skin. I want the lore so bad though…

I wonder who will be the Witch and Wizard of the series.

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Witch: Lyra/Celeste
Wizard: Reim? Reza? Sam? I expect Reim.

I like Celeste as the witch, like a role switch kind of thing. I really want to see Rona Dorothy and Fortress Toto most of all.

i think they could do malene as the good witch and the bad witch

any malene skin please