Oh hey i made it

more or less 70% of my games dis season were soloq, and boi did i learn lots of stuff, like how horrible i am at kinetic and skaarf


congratz, btw what server are you at

salt east asia


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lol I’m from singapore, and you?
mostly I play solo too and cant even reach SA, once again congratulation

philippines! i get why getting to just SA is hard, lower tiers are really toxic (but so is PoA tbh).

i’m probably not in any position to give advice since i’m hanging by a thread on vgs, but what’s your main role? i could give some advice on that at least.

some general advice tho

  • partying with decent roams is good if you find any, since people still dont like roaming :frowning:
  • focus on getting better at one role, but still be able to do well in other roles. i played bot a lot, so i learned what to do as top. placing vision in the bush by the river is usually a waste since they’ll destroy it. contesting your healing treant 1v2 is usually not good either
  • playing soloq is definitely about improving, and not climbing
  • learn your strengths! i can’t play heroes with thin skillshots (skaarf and kinetic), but i’ve learned to stutterstep on anyone, even with lyra and grace’s second attack
  • stutterstepping, no matter what hero, is important! every little damage helps, and staying still is bad because it’s easier to get out of your range. even in poa i see people who fail to stutter, and that ends up letting a few kills escape
  • if you really want to climb, play the op meta heroes
  • get more heroes to be able to swap more in draft!
  • if first pick, ban the less op heroes first, so you have a chance to get an op hero or more (kinetic and anka are the op heroes rn, idk who else will be in 3.6)
  • if second ban and there are 2 op heroes left, ban something else so you get an op hero even if they get one

I just got back to PoA Silver (Gotta get back to gold again now hecc) server after VG stopped crashing on my phone, so yay me

Also I learned early on that I’m terrible at Skaarf. Welcome to the club!

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