OffTopic Post About Birds


Birds do you like birds I like birds but do you know who likes birds even more? Birb

Okay I’m just testing new forum no kill pls



Yay some one found off topic! I was worried I had done too good a job of hiding it!


I like birds. Why do I have to write 30+ characters?


Because appreciation for birds cannot be shown in 30 characters or less. Impossible.


I disagree, Bob. Sorry, but birds are so great, that they don’t need that much praise. They are very humble creatures. Their tiny bodies cannot contain 30+ characters of appreciation.


Thanks for your appreciation, Trostanian White‘s like myself do appreciate more lengthy admiration though - we deserve it!


Are you a fat bird?

Sorry if I am bird shaming. :scream_cat:


Yeah birds are great, but have you ever tried sex?


sex is great, but have you ever tried meditating?


I listen to asmr. Is that close enough?


ew no that’s disgusting don’t touch me with those ears


kek, you uncultured swine. //////////


I would like to apologize for deviating the topic from birds. This bird looks like my bird (I have no good pictures of my bird). She is very loud.


It’s not digressing, it’s deviating you walnut.


ggg #off-topic

best part of forum


Wonder how many people have already joined