Off Topic?


Where is off topic? Where will the memes reside?


Abraha kadabra!


See here for details.


Oops didn’t realize that was available upon joining groups. Now I know for future references.


On topic of this thread, will leaks still be hidden?


yep - on the same grounds.

although there is I think a discussion we need to have at some stage as a community about whether we want leaks here.

Devs have made it clear in the past they aren’t fans of leaks so having them may reduce the likelihood of dev engagement.

And to be honest geniune leaks almost are non-existent these days - the only real source of them is Foreign language partners and then given that those are from “official sources” are they even leaks?


The sections in the mobile site do seem a bit cluttered. Is there a way to do subsections?


Could you elaborate just a little bit more? We have sub categorys in main categorys already. I apologize if I misunderstood.

As far as the front page being cluttered for mobile view they are aware of it.


Perhaps it’s just me then. I was more used to the old layout so now I’m just trying to find my way around.


Oh no it’s definitely not you, the mobile front page is indeed cluttered, very simple fix by just adding a few borders here and there.

As @hazeleyes mentioned the theme is receiving updates at a pretty reasonable rate. Just give it some time the staff will have this place looking like eye candy.

Adding a thick boarder around the main categorys would be the fix.

Discourse uses colors on the left to distinguish the start and end of a category, however it doesn’t seem to be enough for us folks coming from xenforo.