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Nova beats Tribe


They out drafted, out played, out skilled Tribe and fully deserved the win.

tight team fights, plenty of clutch moments.

Wish i had a video to post… but did anyone else watch the VPL invitational?

in other news…

Rogue beat TSM

It’s shaping up to be an interesting Season… Tribe has got some competition.


Rogue beat TSM, not hammers. Watching Truth’s Vox was pure pleasure.


lol thanx for the heads up. i woke up at 3am Australian time to watch it -.- Zzzz


Watched both the matches. Tribe was out drafted by nova like you said, tribe always goes for some tanky pick who deals less damage but is more of a utility laner/jungler. The tsm match was the most interesting one, for a team which was stomping every team till now they were on the back foot initially until that bad Lyra portal which got them an ace during Rogues blackclaw push


Thanks! I have stopped watching VPL because it was predictable. I will check out the matches.


did anyone notice the 26% win rate for Celeste? lol.

Even Esport pro’s believe the “celeste is OP” hype.