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Not gaining trophies


I was playing a ranked 3v3 and after i won, i did not gain any tropies, glory, sunlight or hero XP. The very next match i played where i lost, my trophies dropped.
Please fix this issue


It’s visual bug , I think it’s related to the connection with the server , but you gained everything that match but you have to check , I play a lot and I get this visual bug and when I go to my keys I find keys I didn’t know about , like a silver key and I didn’t remember getting silver key recently , so I assume I got it while having the rewards visual bug .


@LegendaryE is correct – to expand on his answer: the post-match awards screen sometimes (often) does not appear, but your rewards after the match ARE in fact added to your account. It’s frustrating, because (1) it happens unpredictably, (2) the bug has existed for months now, and (3) it makes it VERY difficult to tell what exactly your rewards were, especially in regards to sunlight, glory, and XP, which most people don’t track closely. Nevertheless, it’s confirmed that you DO receive them, even when the screen does not appear after the match.


Welcome to the forums. This is community forum for VG players. SEMC and their support staff aren’t affiliated with this site. Your best bet is to contact them directly should an event arise in the future that needs fixing. The above replies should suffice, as there is actually nothing for SEMC to fix aside from this visual UI bug they’ve neglected.


I accept this bug and live with it , I just don’t want the accept match bug , I got it a lot recently it tells me the red countdown while I already accepted the match then I get the message that I didn’t accept the match , and another 7 minutes waiting queue .