Not expected at all

I was checking in the event in the game and i only finished logging in 3 days
Br and blitz and 5v5 arent my games , i only do 3v3

I think its not worth the salt because iam a talentless man , all my talents lvl1
But i really wanted to try my luck with the blueprints so i did them all to see the blueprints , i got dublicates , not worth it i guess.

So i decided to do the event in my other account and got the red flicker blueprint which was good , but i have no essence , about to close the app but noticed my ice at 255 after getting 30 ice from the event , i looked in the featured chests and found the skaarf chest and decided to spent it there for a blueprint , and i expected a rare blueprint or epic maximum

But , i got the skaarf skin lol
5% chance , i really feel bad for everyone spent a lot of ice to get it , now i feel all the annoying games in battle royale and blitz worth it after getting this skin .

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Blitz isn’t that bad bro there’s one talent that beats all of the OP talents but it depends on your mechanical skill, Lance Epic. Lance Epic doesn’t matter what level it is but the extra damage from rolling on top of someone is cool. I feel like it is one of the few talents that can’t be OP or UP because it truly is an add on to an existing ability. Just like Churnwalker Epic.

Battle Royale is mad annoying to play now because games can last up to 11+ min. Its hard to execute and finish off because enemies can just hide under turret and clear minions. Only way to win is to die and buy items and destroy turrets but not kill them. Then again they can kill themselves too.

BUT DANG SKAARF SKIN FIRST CHEST. Last time I felt lucky was pulling Carnivore Grumpjaw from a Rare chest before he was even ‘released’ in the RNG Chests.

Blitz was easier , the problem was battle royle , the matchmking gave me new players without talents multiple times against enemies got upgraded talents and good heroes , i think the problem was i could make the games stale and not letting enemy wins easy , but i decided to die and surrender in a lot of the hard games , because if iam going to try hard then lose i waste more time , surrendering and trying another game save the time .

In blitz i like skaarf rare talent or baron epic i can stay in lane and poke , or krul to focus objectives , the rest of the heroes need upgraded talents to be good i guess .