Nonstop Freezing and Lag Spikes

Hello! I’m fairly new here and I have a problem which pretty much renders me unable to even remotely play a match start to finish.

Recently, well, more about a few months ago, I’ve been getting random freezing whenever I play a match (especially a 5v5 match). It usually is a bunch of freezing and getting the annoying “reconnecting…” about every 40 seconds, usually when there’s alot of effects. Vainglory is a well HD game so I can understand that, but even with the lowest quality this still happens.

I don’t really think it’s a quality issue, I think it’s just the result of too much going on or just a bug since my device can withstand alot more games that have alot of effects going on simulataneously.

I’ve played Vainglory for, roughly about… 2-3 years? It doesn’t matter how long it was but I just don’t want to let this game go after how long I hooked onto it and now I’m never able to play it because of that pesky “Penalty for leaving”. I don’t blame SEMC for this I’m just saying it’s disappointing.

My device is an Acer Chromebook

The operating system runs on Chrome OS

I have updated Vainglory to the latest version

I’m sorry if I have done anything wrong, this is the best I can do.
If there’s any more questions to clarify please reply.


Gpu, cpu, and ram.

Without gpu, you will work the cpu too hard and will lag. Integrated graphics are the worst thing to ever exist.

I’m almost certain chromebooks do not have dedicated graphics

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Chromebooks were made with your average college student in mind, with little to no regard toward graphics, especially Acer.

Vainglory’s minimum requirements honestly should be updated but even still, the problem is on your end. However, it should be noted that Vainglory is one of the least forgiving online games I play - a two second dip in connection crashes the game, which is ridiculous

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Thanks for the responses! It’s just my chromebook has withstanded much higher quality applications so my idea was it would be able to run vainglory smoothly as well, since when I first downloaded it then it had run smoothly, but I originally discovered it on a different device that was capable of running it at a normal pace. I’ll just run VG on a different dev, thanks for the advice guys

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