Nintendo Direct

So in about an hour’s time from time of posting, nintendo is doing a direct. For those who don’t know, Nintendo directs are official Nintendo livestreams where they announce new games, dlcs and features.

For those who do know and play Nintendo games, what’re your expectations? What are you hoping for? And considering SEMC have talked about console play for Vainglory, do you think there’s a chance it’ll appear?

The only thing I’m honestly counting on are updates on current projects such as the Yoshi game. Seeing VG would be a HUGE surprise, but I’m really intrested in the console ports so I would gladly want to see this. All I actually want though is an update on Joker in smash. I know its unrealistic to expect him as a surprise post-direct launch, but I NEED IT

Thought it was fairly good. Astral Chain, Oninaki, the DQ port, and Three Houses all look great. I’m super hyped for the Link’s awakening remake though.

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Tbh I’m just so tired of JRPGs at this point. What I am hyped for tho is the return of Mario Maker, and Hellblade looks Dio-damn amazing.

I can’t believe japanese direct had Goat Simulator, and they managed to make a Battle Royale game out of Tetris.

I’m a huge weeb (if it isn’t obvious enough) and I love rpgs, so I personally like all the announced ones (save for the FF ports, but that’s because I really don’t have any intentions to buy them again, even for the portability). I honestly forgot about Mario Maker 2 lol. Glad to see that they actually listened and implemented a lot of the highly requested stuff like slopes. Tetris BR was really surprising too and at least they tried to make something unique out the the fad.


Dude JoJo’s bizarre police force looks pretty cool

Astral Force, FE Three Houses, and Zelda LA looks soooo nice.

I see in my future that Im going to end up broke :crazy_face:

I just want any updates on Prime 4 and am somewhat looking forward for Fire Emblem.

Although. it’s about time our boi master chief join the ultimate roster as well.

Edit : man they gave nothing about ultimate lol

Yeah they did, there was some news a out a spring update. I just didn’t pay attention cause I don’t play smash.