Nintendo 2020 Roadmap


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So far, I’m really only hyped for Mystery Dungeon, Animal Crossing (which is definitely more tempting now in light of the FF7R delay), Fighter Pass 2, and especially the Xenoblade remake. TMS and Bravely Default 2 are on my radar as well, but I don’t plan on immediately buying either, although I do somewhat plan on picking em up eventually. Others I’m planning on getting are Doom and Battle For Bikini Bottom, but as much as I love my Switch, I would rather pick them up on PS4.

Also when are we gonna get a direct already, they need to bless us with more AC footage considering it’s really close to release

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Literally you took the words out of my mouth…

All but the Bikini Bottom game, which I really never had a super close connection to it like other people besides watching my cousins play it non stop :neutral_face:

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The nostalgia factor definitely plays a huge part in my interest in the Spongebob game. Ignoring part of that, I actually busted out my old copy of the original game from my childhood a long time ago to play through it and it was way more solid of a game than I remembered it being as a kid, especially for a licensed game no less. I certainly wanna play it again with all the modern improvements and content additions bc of how the game really did well capturing both the show’s and the Mario 64/Banjo-Kazooie feel they were going for. The $30 price point for the game is a bonus for me, seeing as I willingly would’ve paid a full 60 for it lol

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We must convert RiseChu to the hydrohomie squad @DIMTI


Ah the childhood memories. :easter_happy_2: This was my first DS Lite game EVER!

Also Idk if I should make a new thread or just update this one since the thread is all about upcoming nintendo games.