NieR: Automata

So Square Enix is releasing a new edition of NieR: Automata next week, and it’s $20 US less than the normal price, plus it includes the DLC and some extra goodies. So after all this time, I’m finally going to buy and play this game. I’m trying to decide between the PC and PS4 versions, however – I’ve heard bad things about the PC version, even though that’s my preferred gaming platform, so I was going to get the PS4 one, but I thought I’d see if anyone here has any advice.

Nobody here plays (played?) NieR??? Really? :no_mouth:

This game is on my list to buy/play as well. I am way behind the curve on games thanks to VG.

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Haven’t played it but I’m surprised you have a ps4, thought you just had a pc.

I prefer gaming on a PC, but I’ve got a PS4 and a Switch and an XBone for the kids. We like to play multiplayer games together. :grinning:

The “Game of the YoRHa Edition” comes out on Tuesday … $20 less than the current price and includes the $14 DLC pack. So that’s when I’m buying it. :sunglasses:

I will probably do the same. I haven’t seen it used for less than $30, so $40 for the new GOTY edition is a good time to pick it up. I recently tried For Honor and just downloaded Apex Legends, but there isn’t anything I have been wanting to play on the PS4 lately.

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Xbone lol. If that’s the case if you haven’t already look into overcooked, great multiplayer and your kids would probably have a lot of fun with it

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Found this EXTREMELY helpful guide for anyone who wants to run NieR: Automata on PC:

I’m getting tempted by the PC version now … ugh, can’t decide :man_facepalming:

EDIT: I went for the PS4 version – just ordered it on Amazon :partying_face:

Welp, there go my plans for the rest of the day …

I won’t be surprised if you join the 2B waifu club now…

[cosplay by fenixfatalist]

I must say, I’ve never felt more attractive in a video game …

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Aaaaaaaaannnnnndddd … of COURSE I just died right before the first save point. UGH. :man_facepalming:

I need to adjust the sensitivity on the joysticks. I am way too spastic with them when it gets hectic. :laughing:

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You’ve obviously never played Gwen :joy:



I remember playing through the first section on pc where you are piloting a jet and killing stuff like those old arcade shoot em up games, infiltrating a base or something and then you get out and game switches to hack and slash.
I don’t remember getting into any issues during my an hour of playthrough.

It’s probably just me but her voice kinda sets me off, it just sounds so flat and wierd.

I actually really like her voice – at least so far, it seems to fit with her character.

FWIW, Kira Buckland, her voice actress, has a pretty amazing resume!

Made it through the prologue finally, and now I can actually save my progress! :sweat_smile:

Even though I had to play through the prologue three times, it helped immensely with learning to use the controls in a more controlled fashion (as opposed to my initial “push all the buttons as fast as possible” approach as soon as things got crazy). The third time through was no problem, even though the enemies got harder on the third pass! (That’s not very nice, Square Enix.)

Looking forward to the main game now!

So, this is a thing … I’ve already put myself on the wait list because it NEEDS to be in my collection.

Oh no it’s already beginning if you’re willing to buy figures of 2B early on the game. Even I’m not willing to buy some figures of my waifus although technically speaking I sorta have and it’s mostly bc of my lack of a lot of money to buy them but uh. also PFP of her when uwu

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