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So I have decided that my next tech budget renewal will be building a new pc. Now my main use for it will be movies and gaming. I have really been wanting to do a submerged build my budget will be around 8 grand as I am tapping into my car upgrade fund if needed. I already have monitor(ZOWIE XL2720 ) mouse(rocat Kone emp) and keyboard(rocat Isku+ Force FX) . Figured I’d ask for opions on what hardware and maybe see if anyone has done a submerged cooling system here.

I don’t really know why you want to do a sub merged build but I guess this video by linus tech tips will help you out

Linus tech tips submereged build

Multiple reasons one as a visually appealing addition to my room littered with ecig stuff, car parts. Plus I have a oil cooler that I never used as I sold that project car XD and if I don’t use it in a computer I’mma want to do some crazy stupid car build that gets me another ticket XD

lmao, I see so you are the person who thinks all about aesthetics. For me my computer should go unnoticed so I just got my dad 10 year old pc case and drilled some holes into it for ventilation and packed inside all good stuff ( I love my ryzen :blush: ). Hence when my cousin come over they don’t f**k around with my PC when I’m at school. Anyways hope the video is helpful

I don’t think all about them I just need something pretty in my room. Plus I never buy PC cases last build I did I was too lazy to even make one so I hung everything from the ceiling using piano wire. I’m the type to do something outlandish because I can which is why I have tech budgets, car budgets otherwise I spend way to much money

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If you’re in the market for a cheap monitor, I highly recommend this.

Already have a ZOWIE XL2720 monitor more looking at some input on internal hardware and it’s been awhile since I have done major hardware shopping like this

That’s a decent budget. The longer the wait, the better the tech. I’m sure you’ll build the best, whatever it may be. For 8 G’s it’ll get the best.

Good Luck. after watching all those video’s… you’re going to need some help as well… and alot of dedication.

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Well I gotta a friend who does custom glass work(lucky me). Any fabricating needing to be done I have a 3d printer I mainly use for my business, and a crap ton of metal working equipment I got from a body shop going out of business (plus my old blade smithing hobby) honestly my garage is bigger than my house

8 grand is absolutely max I would prefer to not go that high, but I want a crazy build in looks and preformance(after the 2 year retirement it is going in my shop as a cool looking piece so it will be branded.

After watching the aftermath of the videos, it lasted him 3 - 4 years, so i’m kinda wondering if it’s actually worth it, because a typical normal build will last that long as well.

gaming and movies doesn’t really sound like it’s a very big load… My old laptop does both… it’s coming on to 7 years old now. still going.

but it looks fun to tinker with…

I don’t put much on it I just like tinkering

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