Nex Hero Spotlight

Hey, this is Ciderhelm, and welcome to another Vainglory Hero Spotlight. Today we’ll be looking at Nex, a knight in technological armor.

Nex’s Heroic Perk, Holo-Shield, replaces Nex’s energy bar with a barrier that constantly regenerates. This barrier is scaled on 10% of his max health, and buying max energy items also increases this bar.

Nex’s Energy Pulse fires a cone of energy in front of him. This pulse slows enemies, and also shares a portion of Holo-Shield on the first allied hero in the pulses path. On overdrive, the pulse also silences enemies for a short time.

Nex’s Skyfall makes Nex charge up, then fly up. He smashes down at his target location, pushing enemies away and also clearing debuffs from his allies. On overdrive, this instead becomes an instantaneous teleport.

Nex’s Ultimate, Holographic Wall, creates a wall in between the two target locations. This wall blocks movement, and blocks skillshots. This ability will drain Nex’s Energy Shield while it is active. Upgrading this ability, increases the wall size and decreases shield drain rate.

Nex can be played either as a flashy crystal suppressor, or as a tanky support. Keep in mind that the cooldowns for his Skyfall and Holographic Wall have long cooldowns, but Energy Pulse can be used frequently, making Nex an annoying presence. Utilize the Holographic Wall to stop enemy advancement, and to keep the peace when taking an objective uninterrupted. Creating walls in between your fleeing teammates and pursuing enemies is a sure way to tick off the enemy.
Don’t forget about your Energy Shield. Taking damage will reduce the amount of abilities you can cast in a short time.
Ganking is easy with Skyfall. Push your enemies towards your team while cutting off their escape route with Holographic Wall!

Thanks for reading the Nex Hero Spotlight. Buy Vainglory for only $999.99 on the Banana App Store, and join us on the Halcyon Fold.


10/10 perfect post already.

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As far as his Passive and B go, he’s just a reworked version of Tony. His A is nice, giving his allies part of his barrier is an interesting effect, and the wall… well it reminds me of Yasuo from LoL a little but we don’t have that in VG yet so not a bad idea. I just feel his kit is lacking a little uniqueness and doesn’t quite fit together.