New Ylva Skin - Medieval


I like it! (I’m a big fan of all things medieval.)


That splashart is great imo. Every hero has a skin now too so that’s cool.

Also why so many reveals over the past two days?


Well now that we have our 3 skins and the new hero there best be some gameplay changes and fixes :triumph:


However I love how they’re going with the portrait style again with their new hero’s splash art and LOVE the look of this splash art. It reeks of classic VG which is always a good thing


Looks like ylva went rona lmao. It’s different, but seems cool


Idk why, but the splash art makes me think of Brienne of Tarth.


Yes! Skin for Ylva! I also am a big of the medieval era. From my elementary days pretending to be a knight fighting a dragon, to games like Morrowind and Skyrim, to majoring in history and thoroughly enjoying the medieval era and the Renaissance.

I just don’t like the red hair. A jet black would’ve been cool or keeping the gray. Overall, a nice skin!


Jet black/grey on dark grey armor? That would create a very distinct lack of contrast. Remember we view skins from the top in game, you want the head to stand out from the rest of the model, this we be exact opicite of that.

The red hair also fits the red accents on her outfit.


Looks good + lance skin too… but they need to fix their game to have the opportunity to enjoy them.

Edit: pssst ardan


Rona? Looks more like Grace to me.


That’s a fair point. It’s just a shade of red I guess I don’t like. I don’t need the contrast as much if it had been a different color. Overall though, I like the skin.


grace? no way lmao



If there’s a Medieval Ylva, there should also be a Medieval Skaarf . Which would be awesome asf, medieval Grace, Rona, BF, Yates would be potential optional skins.

Why dont SEMC make a Skin Theme for each Patch? like for 4.3 it’s all Medieval and for 4.4 its more Death Day theme? would be cool although it would be also seen as boring because of the repetitiveness.


With all the armour I mean.