New VG icon (plus skin hint?)


Dunno if this is a leak or fake but …dcb19bf

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Make a splash with the special edition ‘summer party’ Blackfeather!

Lorelai?? This text will be WET


I’ll always like the OG icon where it’s just the logo.
Sue me.

(but tbh im fine with that and our current one )


She’s got Rabbit ears. looks more like Gwen to me.



How did you get Lorelai? She got blonde hair and bunny ears it’s Gwen…


Didnt notice her ears and beach + summer theme sounds like a Lorelai skin





I just noticed from the other post about this with a better picture

It looks like she’s holding a fish. Fish guns. Either that or it’s Blackfeather in the foreground, in which case I’m still so hyped for this


i believe it’s a leak. I don’t see it in the app store. Must’ve been there for a short period



dies from nosebleed


As if Gwen wasn’t thicc enough…


She needs more booty better yet an all booty skin


It’s too good to be a fake :joy:


Kestrel vs Gwen in Battle of the Booty


Oh good so much blood from noses no one could see to play


Why do i see her with two water guns and in a bikini top and a beach towel wrapped around her (waist like a skirt). Ill be amazed if im right about the beach towel since we already have kestrel in a bikini bottom. :thinking::hugs:


I could see Gwen being the nude beach skin


Isn’t that what we could all see.


There’s something I learned when they released SP Kestrel.
Summer Skin + Blonde Hair = Destined to be doomed.
Well I hope I am wrong and that hair would be dope.


Welp this is definitely real now.