New skin system proposal

A lot of people have complained about the new blueprint system. Blueprints are very hard to get, and there´s no way to get a blueprint for a skin you actually want. Cards have also been removed, which I think is a shame because cards were pretty fun to collect and it gave you something to look at while in queue.

SEMC was right in that a new system was needed when they introduced blueprints, but the current system is just not the right way to do it. I understand why they wanted to change it, because it honestly was too easy to craft the skins you wanted without much effort at all. That´s why I thought of a way to make the skin system more forgiving than it is currently, but not to the point that you can get quite a lot of skins for free. It´s pretty close to the old system, which really wasn´t that bad to begin with.

Craftable blueprints

The first mayor change is the introduction of a blueprint crafting system. This seems really backwards, but I think the cards should have never been removed. There just need to be some tweaks on how to get cards, and common cards should not return. Commons were worthless and therefore cluttered up rewards from chests (kinda like talents do now, but that’s a different problem entirely)

You can craft a rare skin blueprint with two rare cards. You need twelve of each rare card, so twenty-four in total. An epic skin blueprint requires eight epic cards of each type, so sixteen in total. A legendary skin blueprint requires four cards of each type, so eight in total. For epic and legendary skins, you need just the respective epic and legendary cards. not the rares from the lower tier skin for example. Basically, this system pretends that skins never had tiers to begin with.

Craft costs for rare, epic and legendary cards are 40, 160 640 essence respectively. Destroying them gives 10, 40 and 160 essence respectively. This change makes the essence gap between a rare and a legendary bigger, which makes legendary cards feel more rare and premium, but you also get a little more essence back for destroying cards you don’t need.

You can now also buy any card you want with glory and ice. The prices will be incredibly steep (for glory mostly) so it will be very hard for a f2p player to craft a blueprint. Glory costs will be 500, 1500 and 6000 glory respectively, PER CARD. This means that the raw glory cost for any rare, epic or legendary skin will be 12 000 (1,5 heroes), 24 000 (3 heroes) and 48 000 (6 heroes) glory respectively.

Keep in mind that you still need a hefty amount of essence after crafting the blueprint to actually complete the skin. Btw, the opal system for LE skins will stay the same.

How to get cards

A big problem with the old card system was that cards cluttered a lot of chest loot. You often got cards for a skin that you already crafted, making the card feel like waste because it was only worth a measly amount of essence. Here are some changes to combat this:

  • common cards don’t come back. You can’t obtain them anymore at all. If you’re worried about the card art, I’ll come back to that later

  • after every standard pvp game you play, there’s a chance to get cards in the spoils of war. The drop rates are 2,5%, 5% and 25% for legendaries, epics and rares respectively, in that order. So the game first checks if you got a legendary, if not, it checks if you got an epic, if not, it checks if you got a rare. The drop rates double if you win the game, except for when the enemy team had a deserter.

  • in brawl modes, talents drop instead, with the same drop rates.

  • the daily hero chest for talents is replaced by a daily hero chest for cards. I feel like more people care about skins than about talents anyway. This gives you a little bit of control of which cards you get.

  • cards are not present in paid loot boxes unless these boxes are specifically made for cards. Entire blueprints can be found instead.

  • glory and ice boxes for cards return. These are randomized. Even though I generally dislike RNG elements, I think it would be fair within this rework because you can buy any specific card you want for a high price.

Some new little quirks

You know that little yellow picture in your profile? well, think it’s pretty boring. That’s where the card art comes in. SEMC has stated a desire to do something with the card art because it would be a waste to just delete the cards. I think using the card art as an avatar would be kinda nice. Say you have the candy necklace Koshka rare card, you can use that as your avatar, cute!

The common cards will be free avatars available for everyone. any card that you have can be used as avatar as well, which means that you might need to lay down some ice or glory to get a specific card you like to use as avatar. You don’t need to have the entire skin, but if you do have the entire skin you’ll get acces to the card art of the cards used for that skin (even if you never had the cards to begin with because you purchased the skin with ice)

Additionally, any skin you purchase with ice outright will give you a wallpaper of the splashart. This wallpaper can be used as background for the starting UI in place of the stormqueen. The only way to get these different backgrounds is to actually pay skins with ice. This gives some incentive to buy skins with money.

The disadvantage of this proposed system is that SEMC has a lot of work making card art for all skins that didn’t require cards to craft.

The advantages are that the player has more control over which skins they want to craft. Card collection gives the player something to work towards, an incentive to play. The drop rates from spoils of war have a similar effect. They encourage you to play standard matches.

Skins are still much harder to grind for then they used to be though, just requiring way more raw essence and glory to get. I’m a f2p player myself, and I got two legendaries and a couple of rares without much effort, which I’m glad for. On the other hand, I must admit that there wasn’t a very good reason to buy a skin because you could just grind for them which didn’t even take that long.

The new little quirks give players that spend money on the game something nice over f2p players. It gives an extra reason to actually pay money on the skins instead of grinding for them.


i like this idea but semc said that part of the reason they remoed the art on cards was because it took up too much space. i think that if they just had the collectx amount of cards it would be fine. also. afetr you craft the blueprint do you still need to crfat the skin?

I gotta better one… make all skins ice exclusive. Done and simple.

this is actually a better thought out system than what smec got after opals were introduced.

That was just about the dumbest excuse in the history of gaming. Do we live in the 1980s, or something, when an additional 100kb of storage space might have blown up your floppy disk?

Not to mention that the original card system required 2 unique cards per skin. The revamped card system required 1 unique card per skin.
But of course the blueprint system requires 1 blueprint, which comes with an image file, too. Lel
So in terms of data, BPs save absolutely nothing over the revamped cards system (and only 50% compared to the original).


That’s also their explanation for the lower quality ground textures in the Sovereign’s Rise map … :roll_eyes:


The whole new system idea is make skins hard to get and people pay
It makes you think about blueprints forgetting about essence , while essence very important , and it rewards people with more skins or blue prints of getting more essence , while new players going to struggle .

Yeah, you still need to craft the skin afterwards with essence. This encourages collecting all the cards through glory and daily hero chests instead of crafting them with essence, since you will need the essence later to actually craft the skin.

sure, it´s simple, but it also removes yet another reward/progression system from the game. Collecting cards for skins gives you little projects to work towards. You actually want to put effort into the game to get the reward.

btw, I forgot to mention, but essence should be purchasable with ice in the market.