New skin system.. A shame


Hello guys, before I start i just want to say that I am relative new to this game. I haven’t even played a month - and I just got to learn the old system which is no more unfortuntalely.

I was very excited for the legendary Lance skin and had already collected 2 skin shards (wow!) - anyway with the new system I just lost those cards i’ve been saving up for and got nothing this new patch! I have 600 essence but that’s nothing compared to my cards! Now I have no idea how I can get that legendary Lance skin I wanted so bad.

Now i feel like the motivation for playing this game dropped. Rewards now are very little compared to what I got with the old system…

I can see how this system is good for old players and that the developers want to earn more money with the playerbase getting bigger, but it’s so annoying that every game that gets big becomes this money-hungry games!


There would be no problem if I could craft blueprints, but I can’t! It’s just random and almost impossible to get.


To get the skin you will need to save up essence and get the legendary lance blueprint. Can be tricky, but the system will be tweaked and I hope it will be grindable in a reasonable amount of time. Concentrate more on the game itself and if you like it - all will come with time. Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:

Edit: Yep, but we still don’t know what the drop rates will be and will there be events for given blueprints (even quests that gives exact blueprint, who knows).


Hopefully it will be some way to get that blueprint… however I will admit it was very ‘‘easy’’ to get those cards, so I bet players with all the skins are very happy. :sweat_smile: Thank you for reply though


Ye it’s succ especially for new player. But it’s really like a truck full of essence for long time player. I dunno but smec trying to win all of vet’s heart here. I also don’t like how they’re changing to random system. Hope that in the future we can craft bp like we do with cards back then, but seems like it’ll not gonna happen.


Or if you could use glory on a random blueprint or something.


This system will be frustrating for long time f2p players. But… After seeing a few discussions and thinking about it…

SEMC has given us so much for free. They let us grind any skin we wanted. Try doing that on other mobile MOBAs. So this might be a step in a neutral direction. It won’t fully destroy f2p players trying to get skins while also making it so that some f2p may start paying a bit for skins they really want(but no blueprint drops)

And they gave us a total refund.

New players will have it a bit hard. But they’ll go with it coz they’re new to MOBAs. Or be happy to have a degree of control over being able to get skins f2p way if they have tried other MOBAs on mobile like MLBB where skins are NOT F2P.

It will be frustrating. I only have 35% of skins in the game. So I have some time before I keep getting blueprints of skins I already own consistently. But SEMC cannot be blamed coz they’ve given me lots of stuff already. Hmm… Time will tell.


I am also abit sad to see the old card system go. Card collecting was a visually appealing way of keeping track of the progress you’ve done to attain a skin.

Not to mention the artwork on each card, with the little caption, I found some of them very clever comedic references to the hero. I’ll miss all that.

I can only hope they make use of it in the future in some kind of mini card game or something clever. Don’t be boring, it has to be fun~!


Reim’s card texts were my favorite. It had the perfect feel for the skinline. :bacon_tears:


The problem ATM is blueprints. There is no way outside of RNG and Ice to get one. Being they are so new, we don’t know drop rates yet, but I’d expect tuning. I completed all my quests for 1 day and the best thing I got was 9 Ice. I understand that they are rare, so I wasn’t expecting one, but from what I’m seeing, it’s very hard for a leg print. If there was a way to “upgrade” prints, ( think LOL re-rolling in Hextech Crafting) I could see promise in the new system.


well, i just got 300 essence from a 4h quest. so one bp in 3 days.