New Skin - Kurokage Idris!

A new Idris skin was just announced for 4.2, Kurokage Idris!

From the concept art, it looks pretty good, gives me huge Mortal Kombat ninja vibes, which I like.

Also, that pun in the announcement was bad, but I honestly would’ve gone for it too.


so cringy LOL



Its nice, better than his neon mess of a halloween skin.


Wow, this skin is broken!! Must buy for sure, I’m gonna dream with that. I hope it’s legendary. This is perfection made skin. I don’t care if he is weak, I’m going to spam him.


Why kurokage though does that have connection with shirokage taka?? Lore intensifies


Honestly Idris is really close to be being a really good pick. If he gets some more buffs in in the next patch he could end up being really good.

Sooo, we should expect idris buff for 4.2? :laughing:
Looks good

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He is weak right now, so a little bit of love isn’t gonna break him, but this is off topic. Honestly, I don’t care, I will spam it anyways with that skin, even if I have to play bots for that.

And just in time for the MK11 release :^) I see SEMC must be MK ninja fans @DIMTI

And yeah this is a must buy for me

and here you go


Not a fan of that… beak-like mouth, its extremely offsetting for me.

The concept art showed that it wasnt that far out or protruding.

don’t worry, you’re not gonna see that in game any way lol
anddd hopefully the colors and details will look good in game…

Won’t lie. Looks way more like Taka than Idris… Or is that just me?


Looks nice and decent but doesn’t beat other concept arts like my queens malane, lyra and lorelai.

Lmao I instantly thoughr mortal kombat and saw you saying that as well

They’re both ninjas lol

Just imagine the in game :heart_eyes:

This skin looks quite unappealing. His mask is kind of funky and cool but the rest of it looks a bit icky. The bare arms look out of place. His armour reminds me of a rib cage on his belly which is not a hot look

I agree i don’t like it, but now I wonder what do you think about scorpion from mortal kombat?

i don’t know what this is :scorpion: :scream_cat: :pig:

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