New rewards!

Just saw this pass by on FB.

Seems like an awesome new development.


A new way to get your favorite Vainglory content FOR. FREE.

Collect chests and keys to get skins, blueprints, ICE and more! C&Ks will randomly drop in Spoils of War after completing matches (Sorry, private games don’t count!) and have the best chance of dropping for completing ranked matches. #Vainglory

Looks like we need to get both chests and keys to unlock them from matches. Seems like a decent rewards system but it’s still completely based on RNG. I’m really curious to see the drops/droprates from the chests though.

Super ninja edit, now a poem:

Every chest
needs a keey
tweedle dum
tweedle dee
I’m Mr. Meeseeks,
look at me.

Edit 2 (or is it?): I’m not fixing “keey”.


I had 9 chests that were openable… On top of season reward.

Got like 8k essence and 2 legendary skins I didn’t own… Oh and 400 opals… And 11k glory

I got 2 regular keys and 2 regular chests in about 5 matches (4 5v5 & 1 blitz) hope that helps

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Wait the chests are in this update?

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They are my friend in the inventory.

The new chests and keys though? If they are then damn SEMC.

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Yup might have to start grinding matches because not being able to dump large amount of money on this game it’s the only way to earn some opals

They are and the contents are decent.

What’s the estimated drop rate though? And do blitz matches count? Many questions, gimme de answers :thinking:

Ranked matches are the best for getting them.

SEMC is trying so hard to stay f2p friendly for skins with these additions with the blueprint changes

We don’t deserve you guys @Nivmett

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This is just a visual update. We get the same rewards just in a new style. SEMC always being liers for no reason.

You get chest when you rank up but you need keys to open it is’nt it new?

Idk I thought we got them as drops. Is this not right correct?

Also this might answer why I could not open my guild chest when we hit lvl 5

i got a bronze chest in a drop from my third match since the update. goog drop rates 10/10

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…I’m not fixing this. :thinking:

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FIX IT argh! :haha: