New quote and ping ideas in the hope of curing toxicity and promoting teamwork

So here are the quotes and pings I just came up with. I’ll start of with essentially a meme quote for those who play Overwatch. Guess what that is?
“I need healing.”
Here are some more to go with it:
“I need protection.”
“I need a speed boost.”
“I’m going Top/Mid/Bot.”
“Focus at Top/Mid/Bot.”
And one returning quote:
“Buy some defensive items.”
And a ping: the white cross in a red shield. This ping indicates that gather at this point and I will provide healing/barrier.

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Pings are ok right now anything more specific and we might as well just add text chat. If you want a speed boost or heal just green ping captain and ping yourself. They will understand if you are at low health.

I wish they just added back purple question mark again it would be so useful. Just pinging that instead of “Enemy is missing!” and it could fulfill the “Should I take this objective as well?” To be honest they should program it so when you put a purple ping on anything but an objective it states enemy is missing and it would be a visual aid of where they are missing and when you do ping them on an objective it will say “Objective?”


Mada mada 303030303030030303030303


yeah it was good when we had “Thanks!”

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In the word of YouTuber SirSwag: “That’s next level Korean bullshit.” (Just kidding but the quote is real). No one would ever understand that.

I miss the good old days when I could use that both tactically plan my assault and to demoralize degenerate teammates.

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That is basic pinging though… anything more basic than that would mean I would have to teach someone how to use the caution ping to warn teammates.

This has been suggested before somewhere, I can’t find it. but a 2 part Ping system could work, without cluttering the whole screen.

tap once to open the first part:

push (gather): (then tap again to indicate) mid, bot, top
Gank: (selection of 5 heroes)

And I’m sure there’s plenty of idea’s to add.
I honestly don’t know why So many suggestions go Un-Noticed. This subject has been debated since the “?” disappeared.

They must be neglecting the ping system for a reason… Maybe they just gave up? or there’s another grand scheme in the works…


I’d rather it be a shrug emote and not have that super spammable sound…

the first three can be used in ‘i need help’

i still confuse with the blue running man indicator… is it mean we should run from it or go to it?? same with the yellow caution icon too…

The blue running ping means “On my way”

“Defend the turret”

Spead out


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Yellow caution means exactly what the name suggests

we really do honestly

30 characters

Most of these are understandable from what we already have. here’s some explanations:
I need healing: “i need help”/flask on cooldown/announce health
I need protection: "I need help
I need a speed boost: I need help/boots on cooldown
I’m going somwhere: Blue ping
Focus somwhere: White/green/yellow ping depending on the situation
Buy defensive items: Recommend items

As for the last one, blue ping on an ally or green ping at a location usually works for me, unless your allies are toxic…


Blue means on my way, yellow means caution/danger. Unless your allies don’t know what they’re doing, it can usually be taken from context. Yellow on an enemy usually means stay away from them or be careful, Yellow on an allied turret means protect it, yellow on Dragons/Kraken means watch it or steal it.
Same goes for blue. On my way can be to help an ally, steal an objective, as a response to yellow (steal/protect) but can usually be taken from context quite easily imo.

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I feel like people underestimate how important it is to announce your cooldowns. Double-tapping your flask, or your cams, or your fountain, or your boots, or whatever else… it’s really helpful! I rarely have teammates who actually do it though, which surprises me every game. Do people not really know this is a thing you can do? Maybe it should be featured in the tutorial, or be an in-game tip with a frequent rotation.


When it was first released, it took me a while to figure out how to do it, maybe some people still haven’t figured the double tap out. I do it all the time, especially when I’m playing captain. “I’m not ready” plus a double tap on fountain says so much.

While we’re on the topic tho, one ping I would like is “I am ready”. Obviously I can’t double tap my fountain when it’s not on cooldown, and sometimes I want to be able to tell a teammate that they can go in, I will be able to support them.


Ooh, yeah, I agree. I guess you could go with a “let’s teamfight” but that’s not quite exactly it. Or try to announce your cooldown for something like fountain when it’s around 10 seconds or so, and hope your teammates can time their engage accordingly.