New ML ad (Not really new tho)

Looks like they finally stopped making cringey ads and actually put in some effort this time around. Why can’t SEMC see how effective this kind of marketing is?

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Costs a lot of money, mainly. Even the AD itself (to film it, etc) costs money, but to spin it around efficiently costs a ton. I think till now it’s clear that SEMC does not have any money left to spare on VG (both in marketing and development). The only team that puts some effort is the new skins one, so they can take a little bit more money from the game.

Well they need to make a sacrifice if the game has any hope of gaining a larger audience. Marketing was the ONE thing VG was missing because even with all of the game’s flaws, it’s still a fantastic MOBA especially for mobile. It would benefit the game massively in the long run

It would be too little too late. They can’t revert that nor have the money to invest to do so. Let’s keep it real here. I also wish they magically fix all the issues and develop the game further to another level + market it like no tomorrow, but this will not happen.

Right now they try to develop and create a new game to stay afloat, VG is far from their priority with the exception of few skins to generate some profit from the remaining player base.