New Lev30 chests reward

New Lev30 chests reward, it used to give 1k ICE but now it gives 200 ICE, very disappointing.


Damn, was looking forward to the 1000 ICE, I’m so close :sob:

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maybe level 40 gives like 2k or something

The new system definately seems to reward Veteran players more

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I just looked at lvl 30 chests from before:
1000 ice
1000 glory
1 epic card (face value 120 essence)
1 legendary card (face value 360 essence)

New chest:
200 ice
800 glory
500 essence
rare talent (face value 20 glory)
legendary talent (face value 6000 glory)

It’s a bit hard to account for the excess of essence (because a conversion isn’t really there), but using general exchange rates for glory and ice (based on buying glory and/or the cost of legendary coins from that special deal last month), it’s pretty much glory*.12=ice value. So here’s how it looks:

New level 30:
(if glory were the same)
+20 essence
-750 ice

What a sad day. :-/ Apparently level 30 just isn’t so important any longer. Sorry everyone who gets there now. :-/

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There are 10 more levels and 2 more dragon chests. Lvl 30 isnt important since there are 10 more levels to go.

Agreed. Your 1000 ICE is probably in the level 40 chest.

I think anyone who got their level 30 chests before the update will get reduced rewards from any additional chests. SEMC as a whole seems to be rather careful to avoid giving out a ton of free stuff. Just… some. Not an amount that noticeably scales with the growing amount of ingame stuff.

Chest payouts should all be the same. If semc was super careful, they wouldve gotten rid of those bugged golden tickets everyone got from those bugged chests. It just means, the players at lvl 30 already are gonna get the same rewards as everyone. Its only really unlucky for those guys who were just about to get lvl 30. And i feel sorry for them, since they just lost a potential 1000 ice.

I feel bad for them
Eventho they’re increasing max level cap, they should’ve keep those rewards same as before.
So many ppl looking forward to those 1000 ice. So many disappointment, i wonder how they’ll made up for this.

maybe by adding 10 more levels? with the forums gone, people will soon forget about how it was before.
i always wondered why they did the 1k ice anyway, it makes it hard to add new levels that arent dissapointing.

worst part is that, by the time players reach level 40, they are probably gonna add more levels, so yeah same cycle.

It took them 4 years to get us 40 levels, I can’t imagine they’ll raise the cap that soon.

yeah, probably, its SEMC, i would’t be surprised if they did anything.

same, i was 70% complete but then they were like fuck you.

Too rewarding actually. After all the “vets are neglected” we finally got a huge payout. It is worrying though, are there so little of us that they can afford to do so? There’s skins that I don’t even want that I can craft without a dent in my resources.

They don’t make money with vets. All the rng chests target new players. That’s where they make their money.

That’s true. Probably the income coming in from vets are minuscule as well.