New Items? What do you guys think should be added?

I just created this becuase I feel as if the defense item section is kinda lacking slightly while every other area seems to get more and more items. Imma put some of my ideas down and I would be very interested to see you guys.


Reinforced Time: +60 armor -20% Cooldown +5 energy regen

Wall of Iron: Reflex block +55 armor

Seraphim’s Gift: +400 health 1% hp recovery per 2 seconds while out of combat -20% cooldown

Third Eye: +60 shield -25% cooldown

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these feel like T2 level items…

How about Cursed Crown of Thorns - reflects 15% damage … but has a chance to receive a critical hit by 5%

How about Cursed Blood Contract - absorbs all damage for 3 seconds, converting to health, but leaves you unable to be healed or buffed for 10 seconds.

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i think that there is not enough diversity ion the captain selection of items. fountain of renewal is bought everygame but we can do better than this. we need better captain items.

  1. Needlescythe
    Passive:After activating an activateable for the next 3.5 seconds your basic attacks apply mortal wounds
    Active: Select a target ally. that target gets cleansed of mortal wounds and slows and cannot be effected by mortal wounds for 2 seconds.
    +350 health
    +20% attack speed
    +40 cp

it gives attack speed to increase you basic attacks in the 3.5 seconds and it increases cp for healing heroes like grace and adagio.

Passive: life spring
Active: After 1 second all allies close to you get healed for 150 health + 30% of your max health (including you healed)
+400 health
+30 armour and shield

if you don’t want fountain/have a dive comp

Frankie’s Flask
’passive: life spring
active: the 2 allies who have taken damage from an enemy hero most recently in 15 meter radius get 50% of their missing health healed and 1 bonus movespeed.
+370 health
+30% cdr
+25 armour and shield

for poke comps when they dive you

uuh i’ll right some more items later.

Honestly I would like to see one t4 item designed for each hero and only be seen with said hero it’s made for.

healing item should negate another healing item effect for 15 seconds (or makes similar item cooldown for 15 seconds)

otherwise it will be a full healing lyra build

Crystal item with Life Leech and CP, or Cooldown and CP. Currently going with Eve and Clock is a waste on the double energy for most heroes.

Crusaders shield
build by a dragon heart and kinetic shield
-pure shield item no RB mechanics just pure def.
a CP version of spell sword
more contarcts

Mine here:
WP: Barbed Whip:
-Active: Upon activation, the next basic attack will pull the target back to you and root him/her when he/she is near you. 25s cooldown.
-Passive: Book of Eulogies +10% lifesteal and 15% armor pierce
-Bonus: 50 WP
-Price: 2750 gold.
-Build path: Barbed Needle+ Piercing Spear.
CP: Overcharged Nanites:
-Active: the next 3s your abilities will deal 50% more damage but also cost 10% of your max energy for each ability and you will receive 25% more damage. 35s cooldown
+65 CP
+25% cooldown speed
-Price: 3000 gold
-Build path: Heavy Prism+Chronograph.