New Item Suggestion: Stacking defense item

When we look at the Crystal and Weapon build trees, we see two things in common. They both have a burst item (Tension bow, Aftershock), and a stacking item (Breaking point, Dragons eye). Jealth also has a burst item- the Slumbering Husk. But we see on thing missing- a stacking health item.

I feel it would be an amazing idea to add an item that originally has much less health/armor/shield than the other defense items, but after a while of sustaining a teamfight, gives you more health or armor or shield in place. This would really be viable for bruises, and would fit into the theme of the rest of the item trees.

Of course, somethings may have to be adjusted- Rona, Reim, etc. would probably be unkillable, but I feel like thi z would be a unique and fun item to play around with.

*on a side note, I don’t know what the new item would give you, whether it be more health, more armor, or more shield.


Purchasable Cath’s perk? Ok…


How about an item that scales defense with bonus health armour and shield. It would require a lot of defense but then you’d have the ultimate defense item. This would have little stats itself without defense.

So a bruiser would need 3 defense items to utilize it but a captain or a true tank would have no issues building that much defense.

Or a defense item that scales with missing health.
20% more defense for every 15% of missing health. With base line defense that would require additional defense to benefit.

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This is actually a good idea, but for health. Not so much armor & shield.

I don’t see how it could work with health- you start the fight with 2000hp and then take 1000 damage, you now have 1000 health, therefore isn’t it totally irrelevant that your max health has increased? Or you’re saying it should increase current health, because that seems just like a heal lol

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Nice post. This has really got my brain ticking… I’m also stumped about how a stacking defense would work… considering heroes that have that in-built to their perks.

it would also need to be different to slumbering husk…

Maybe… this could work IF… is maybe if it was a T4 (new category) item… and the requirement was to purchase a slumbering husk…

then when slumbering husk is activated… after the 2 second burst damage absorption period is over, it stacks defense / Fortified health / shield per amount of damage received up to a maximum of 4 stacks, or to whatever your max health is.

Yes, I know it’s still not an ideal item… creating a whole new item tier… more brainstorming needed.

I got the idea that he meant that in a fight, your health will regen some when you take damage, so it will offset the damage you take to some degree, acting kinda like a somewhat permanent lifespring. It would be a great item for squishy kiters who have to bob in and out of dangerous situations, and would counter burst damage, but sustained damage would still wear it down. It’d probably have to have a decent cooldown depending on how powerful the regen would be.