New Idris build for update 3.3

Well the new balance changes for update 3.3 has pretty much killed hybrid idris.

So I have been wondering what will be the best way to play idris now. Here is how I feel it should be done. Please leave your suggestions

Start off with 2 crytal bits.
Collect 1200 gold in lane and recall to buy 4 crystal bits
Now complete your frostburn
Buy a blazing salvo in your next recall
Next item should be alternating current
Then shatterglass/dragon’s eye/ spellfire
tension bow/ broken myth

This build will allow idris to unlock his cp path by 3min in game and adds bonus slow and loads of cp in the AAs as well as leaves an option for hybrid after completing tension bow and buying a wp infusion it will unlock the wp path. This will also give armour peirce.

I’m including spell fire for poke style idris which might be viable in situations with heavy shield and health or you might not be able to dive enemy (I’m looking at you lyra).

Only drawback is if you go with tension bow then you will have to sell a crystal bit you bought earlier.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Basic attacks wont slow with frostburn

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My thought is we don’t need hybrid Idris and if the intention was hybrid Idris from SEMC then they would have just made hybrid Idris a hero. I don’t like the concept of having the attributes of WP and CP when those forms already exist.

The only really great hybrid build was the now dead one, the synergy was insane. Any other variant is worse than pure CP IMHO

Except they did that hero’s name is idris. Taking away his ability to go hybrid removes his identity. If he wasn’t made for hybrid he would never been able to unlock both paths at once and his aa would never do cp and wp damage

This also completely nerfs his early game and nearly destroys his midlane ability

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Frostburn does not benefit his kit at all.

Better to just get heavy prism+bits… until you can build a real item…

SG first over DE might become a thing now…

It doesn’t last I checked fb slows making the Dodge on a his b returning harder and also benefits in team fighting

I think their intention was not to kill hybrid idris, but to nerf his early game, when he unlocks the divergent path with 5 crystal bits

120 needed. crystal bit is 20. you would need 6 crystal bits.

even a heavy prism with a eclipse prism isn’t enough, only equalling 85, still needing another 2 crystal bits to unlock his perk.

All they did was postpone it to 5 minutes instead of 4

Honestly hybrid idris can stay dead.

If you want to go hybrid now you still can, it will just cost more.

There is no way a poisoned shiv and infusion should be able to be allowed to stay in game. Its unhealthy af.

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I agree with you there I hate the idea of using infusion to activate his perk as it is temporary and can wear off during crucial times

  1. Hybrid Idris is still viable. Change of his perk minimal CP/WP is because of the 5 bit build.
  2. Frostburn isn’t a good idea on Idris because only one ability from him can proc it and it isn’t a reliable poke either.

What I think is better is to play safer in the early game.

Crystal Bit - 20 CP, 300 gold.
Eclipse - 35 CP, 650 gold.
Heavy Prism - 50 CP, 1050 gold.
Shatterglass - 150 CP, 3100 gold.
Dragon’s Eye - 85 CP, 3100 gold.

I think the best route is just to get Shatterglass + Salvo (3800 Gold) or DE + 2 bits. 6 bits is space inefficient and another 300 takes quite a while to build up especially when jungling. Picking up Dragon’s Eye first leads you to two options, picking up an Eclipse Prism or 2 bits to get the CP perk (120 and 125 CP respectively) but EP costs more than 2 bits.

Dragon’s Eye with 4 stacks however unlocks his perk though, but that means it’s effective if you’re looking to fight or gank early. It won’t be as useful in sieges.

Without building a T3 item, you would need 6 CP bits (slot inefficient), Heavy Prism + 4 bits (2250 gold), or HP + EP + 2 bits (2100 gold).

This feels more like a nerf to jungle Idris as opposed to CP Idris as a whole, but lane Idris shouldn’t be affected too much. There’s also an idea of getting infusions early for it is worth but only if you’re looking to push an objective.

EDIT: Level 5 CP Infuse gives you 38 and 6 gives you 42, for an extra 500 gold you can unlock your perk after getting DE or even just it’s components (which should be cheaper). So I say it’s worth as long as you’re looking to get something with it, like a turret or two.

6cb might be slot inefficient unless you stay out until enough money to pick up sg. Most cp items rely on cb while idris’ speed allows him to go a little longer before not having boot become an issue

Okay just looked at it the 3rd time. HP + EP + Level 5 Infusion is the best if you want to push a turret really early as jungle Idris. (1050 + 650 + 500 = 2200 gold, as opposed to DE + Infuse which is 3600).

(200th) EDIT: Okay, 4 bits + Level 5 Infuse also work, but 4 bits means you’re at level 3-4 or so and is quite slot inefficient. So I guess the most optimal is at level 5-6 when you have level 3 chakram + ult .

Seems like a rushed sb sg idris might become a big thing

Inefficient. PS on Idris was mostly for easier stutterstepping and mortal wounds. If they have a dive comp you should consider Spellfire, AC, DE and BM as a build then buying Red Infuse for the attack speed.

I’d go with heavy prism +4bits for CP
And BP+WP infuse should nett you the wp perk.
Having both BP and DE will make you a monster when coming out of a combo attack.

DE SF SG/BM BP aegis JB+ WP infuse you get your salvo earlier.

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I was thinking more for when you go weapon hybrid

Those are two of the three most expensive items in the game. Your enemies aren’t gonna wait until you amass 6200 gold to start pressuring your lane.