New Hybrid Champion: Samira

Samira appears to be the final new champion (and 151st overall) teased by Riot earlier this year: she’s rumored to be a marksman but also to have assassin-like abilities, including an ult that’s described as “jaw-dropping.”

Pretty good summary of what’s known so far:


I like her already because the mysterious emote above reminds me of :rwby_ruby:

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Just earned an S- on Ahri and received this emote for completing an unlisted mission! :thinking:


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G2’s reply :rofl: (and :dart:)

:arrow_up: Official splash art!

Abilities rundown:

Taunt skillshot


I read about this yesterday – I think it’s awesome, but I’m waiting for the first vid of someone getting killed while doing this :rofl:

Bayonetta vibes :star_struck:

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Flash warning

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Samira MIGHT be just a wee bit OP …

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Forgot to mention that I played her for the first time yesterday … and she is indeed quite OP. (Her passive, in particular, is kind of brain-dead.) I went 14-1-10 in my first match ever with her …