New HUD- suggestion

“not showing additional indications in screen”

What do you think?


I have mixed feelings about adding extra space for the potion. On one hand, mispressing the 1st ability is no longer a common annoyance. On the other hand, mispressing the potion button itself will be more annoying whenever I try to move around the map.


what do u think about hidding the extra settings bottom ? and the “more info”. bottom?

I think about a vg in-game with less icons

I thought this was a new cool addition SMEC secretly implemented to improve gameplay, should’ve known SMEC don’t care. Post this on Reddit so it gains their attention. I think it’s cool BTW. Especially for the more space from the potion and scout that players keep misclicking.

The ability to remove those two icons would be great, as I have no use for the extra settings and I rarely use the “more info” button.

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i did it twice, nothing , thats sad, . 0 atttention there

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Aw it’s ok man. I appreciate your determination and cool ideas. Don’t let this get ya down.