New heroes in 3v3

How’s Anka, kinetic and kensei been in 3v3? Clearly 5v5 is all the jazz but there’s still that mode too and haven’t seen much in how new heroes perform there. And for the upcoming hero how do you think Silvernail would be there?

Just like nearly every hero that is new, Anka is still quite OP. Kinetic is still really good and Kensei for me, is quite hard. Silvernail seems quite counter able with vision, but I have been away for some while :sweat_smile: and have only played a few matches.

In my experience, kensei is shit, Anka is balanced and kinetic is very strong, but idk if op. Silvernail will be just op, as in 5v5 due to his A being stacked and lasting way to long, though I think it will be weaker than in 5v5 as there is not that much peeling for him.

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Tbh, a late game kensei is probably one of the top jungler in 3v3, probably next to Blackfeather or maybe even better.

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Nah, he is easily defeated in 3v3.

Key word being late. 3v3 is early game. There is no late if you facing good people.

Kinetic: probably the strongest sniper behind Baron - Kensei: is not so good, I have no trouble with him, there are way better choices than him. - Anka: she is pretty strong but no OP, is surprisingly well balanced and funny to play, I would say is top tier in jungle but no OP.

Baron and strong? Lmao which game are you playing?

Baron is strong in 3v3, so I don’t understand your comment.

Baron is the strongest sniper in 3v3. His wave clear is fast and in late game has no equal. His movility is better than any assassin and hi can blow up any other carry buy jumping a doubleshot them. Paired with a strong antidive-captain (such as Lance) makes almost impossible to beat. Also, whereas many ppl thinks that Baron early game is weak, is really difficult to kill in teamfight (when farming yes, is too weak).

Baron is strong in all game modes. He has such a long jump that in early game it becomes practically impossible to kill him. The fact that he has high base damage also doesn’t help because he technically isn’t a late game hero if he can blow anyone up in like 4 AA’s.

The last 12 Barons I saw 11 were horrible.

Players being horrible =/= the hero is horrible

Not with a small sample size no. But I’ve seen Baron Players suck badly for 3 patches in a row…

Again, just because the players suck it doesn’t mean the hero does.

Thats because Baron was bad in the last 3 patches besides this one. His 3.5 buff is what brought him back lmao.

Last 11/12 Barons that sucked were this patch…

The teamthat locks Baron has a 70% chance to lose.

Not in 3v3. Here in VG I have a 92% WR with him after ~40 matches played between this and the last update.

3v3 no longer exists if you ask me…

It is a forgotten mode infested with even more toxicity than 5v5…

Awesome, so you are talking of 5v5 in a thread asking about 3v3. For a lot of players it’s their main mode.