New Hero Teaser - Leo


San Feng is played as utility, increasing his ratios in exchange of less base damage would be a nerf since those ratios means nothing unless you increase them a lot.


I still believe whole heartedly that just allowing heroes like Grump or San to have very high damage without commiting to it is not the healthiest thing. He can still have good base numbers. Just not the oppressive ones he currently has.


GJ is oppressive, but as @Guest_78 said, I don’t find San Feng oppressive (except when he is in the bush and you only see how your health lowers when he uses his B — but this is a problem of game designe, not the hero). His B has damage, but is easy to dodge and it just penalize you when you make mistakes. It’s fair for me. GJ on other hand… He just have a lot of damage with no counterplay possible, and that is unhealthy.


The problem with San is just that if he just punishes you ONCE you’re practically forced to teleport back to base due to having 2 thirds of your health chunked with one ability and San Feng has no energy, so he does not have to be very conservative with his ability usage. Also, it is not too hard to land his B either. If you are in the middle of it and are not usong a very fast hero like Gwen or something, you’re likely going to be hit


He has to be conservative with his abilities or else he is very squishy. Every hero even without boots can dodge the B, if you get hit it’s either you were cced or you weren’t paying attention.


Is really easy to punish San Feng if he misses his abilities, and, unless you are playing with Baron, you should be able to dodge his B. I’m talking from my experience, I never had problems dealing with San Feng.


Flashbacks of grumpjaw swallowing you then placing you near his turret while you’re just lvl 4 while he’s lvl 6 intensifies jokes aside yeah he’s oppressive early game…


You… know… the easiest way to dodge san fat attack is going behind him. Works everytime


It really wasn’t. Nothing in his kit was touched (besides his perk, which was way after he was nerfed initially), they just moved numbers around to make it possible to kill him.


The concept of Kensei was OP by itself. Obviously you can nerf that hero by numbers, as with any other hero with OP concept. How they balanced Malene? Numbers, Balckfeather? numbers and kit, Kinetic? Numbers, Vox? Numbers. Magnus? numbers. (Yates? They keep nerfing his numbers but still perma banned). And all those were too good by kit.

Kensei was released with an OP kit and numbers, but once they nerfed those numbers and he reached less that 45%, he remained top meta in the highest elo thanks to his kit.

Edit: it was his passive what made him OP, almost impossible to balance: too strong or too weak, the rest of his kit were just dashes with damage based on his passive, so changing his passive also changed his habilities.


He is broken but I think I know who counters him. Lyra and malene. Malene late game, kiting and snowball and dark B.

Or maybe catherine.


You always counter everything with Lyra and Malene :joy::joy::joy:

But I agree, Malene can beat him in 1v1 (she wins almost every duel against melee) and can snowball him in lane, and Lyra with her B can block Leo’s dashes (historically, Lyra used to counter melee)


Leo needs plenty of cc against him to prevent his abilities being used or Lyra’s B against him. And yes malene hehe :sunglasses: