New Hero Teaser - Leo


I mean you’ll get your answer on Wednesday on whos more op.

Theres no point guessing when the patch is around the corner.


And one jump + A/B combo = dead caine + maybe more if there are other unlucky allies standing next to him.



Not every new hero op some new heroes not even Meta it’s based on his Mobility and cc and early game power spike

For example if you play ML bandang, vale new heroes not really good in Meta

Ml Meta is =cc+ early game +mobility


So basically leo is op version of riven


Anyone else appreciate the fact that the freeze frame for the preview of Excoundrel’s YT video says “CONTEN” instead of CONTENT. I liked that. My favorite part, really.

Like SEMC, rushed production and flare with a glaring error.

I’ll ban Caine and Leo, hope my team picks Yates, and I’ll keep pwning noobs with Catherine.


Pretty much.:new_moon_with_face:

Funny thing is that in the newest patch of LoL, Riven finally got the nerf she needed since she was meta or strong for around like 5/6 patches.

Much like Kinetics situation


Yeah especially crit Riven high elo spam crit build oneshot


Why tf are his ratios so high on literally all of his abilities. You don’t need a 300% ratio on a jump.


Because they have to get money with new heroes.


Can we vote on if he going to get a hotfix or not ? I think they already scheduled a hotfix after a week for him , I would be surprised if they don’t hotfix him , is that why the API down ?! We can’t see Caine or Leo win rates .


I think they remove API coz they want balance as they want without complain about winrates

Smart move for them to earn money


I agree with this completely.

I’d argue this hero doesn’t have an overloaded kit at all. He should have plenty of good counters, and generally be pretty easy to balance.

The issue is his release numbers are actually insanely silly, this is a balance issue not a hero design one. I’m personally a fan of his design actually, but god what are this ratios.

Kensei all over again.


Kensei was for kit, not ratios


When it comes to power creep I agree with @Guest_78. New hero kits are becoming far more diverse and complex, but are not rendering simpler and older kits like Koshka’s completely useless. Once the numbers are tweaked a bit to balance a new hero out after release older kits are still viable. That does not mean there are some kits that are legitimately outdated like Rona, SAW, and Patel. Glaive can still work due to his high burst and afterburn, but a bruiser with little utility really sucks right now. I feel like Leo’s base kit is WAY better in terms of design than San Feng due to still inheriting weaknesses of bruisers (with balanced numbers ofc) while compensating with powerful aspects like high damage and very strong CC whereas San Feng is just trying to null all traditional bruiser weaknesses with very high base numbers rather than beefy ratios.


Well. Glaive has less burst, sustain, CC than the mayority of bruisers (apart from Rona and Krul). And he needs more gold. His earlygame potential is not good (and he is supposed to abuse it? How?), he falls really hard in lategame (he can’t be played as a CC bruiser as you would play with Toni).

Most of the old kits are just updated, and Glaive is one of those. (Rona, Patel, SAW, Krul, Koshka…)


Actually, despite knowing people are going to hate me for this, i find SF one of the most fair heroes to play (kit wise, numbers…). When i get beaten by him its because ive made a mistake, or he has outplayed me by countering my attacks rather than just because It has broken ratios. I find every part of his kit justified.


Yeah that’s the point SF is not that OP like we portray him to be sure he has H U G E base damage but with that you get the incentive to dodge his abilities (all of his abilities requires a channel time)
And most carries has a way to escape his abilities e.g dashes and slows… just don’t attack him while his channeling and you can already outplay him even early game…


Yeah his kit is fine tbh. His B is just overtuned tho. Lower his base damage and give him better ratios (Even of it is an overall nerf) and I feel like he’d be much healthier. Otherwise he is gonna remain permabanned


In a broken state he gives far more counterplay than Leo, in fact, he is one of the heroes that more counterplay offers when op.


The high base damage on B was their fault for not give him any ratio, and as WP he doesnt work, so the only thing they could do was give him a lot of base damage. Dont know why they did that though.