New Hero Teaser - Leo


Heres the video if you want to see

Would have been nice to get a Rona buff to play against this dude but ok

Also Glaive must be salty that this dude has his perk :eyes:


This hero will destroy Glaive and Rona (as any other hero, this 2 are just terrible)


When you though Cain is broken and then you see this hero… Cain is weak compared to him lol. It seems they are trying to make every update the new hero more op than the previous one.


Glave perk is only on crit, this one do it EVERY single basic attack + his kit is overloaded as hell, glave can’t even touch him…


The only melee character that will be viable late game… not that it will get there, he will snowball. Insta ban and as the other carries will be nerfed - caine insta too (as now, the 2 times he was not from a lot of games - someone dodged).


Build: :vgitem_serpentmask: :vgitem_breakingpoint: :vgitem_bonesaw: :vgitem_infusionwp:

Damage per hability:

A: 5 seconds cooldown

  • Without BP stacks: 845 — 1182 with the empowered (Ult)
  • With max. BP stacks: 1282.5 — 1795.5 with the ult.

B: 8 seconds cooldown

  • No BP: 600 damage — 840 (Ult).
  • BP: 950 — 1330 (Ult)

C: I don’t understand how the damage works in this hability. 50 seconds cooldown

  • Damage: 585 (no BP) — 847.5 (BP)
  • Damage per second: 300 (no BP) — 475 (BP)
  • Total damage: 970 (no BP) — 1495 (BP)

This is gonna be… “Interesting” :potoo:


I can’t find a single hero that plays well into him. I thought of Baron and Gwen (CC inmunity +long dash, cc clear), but the problem is they will just get melted so fast with all his damage, and even then with his passive they can’t scape. I’ve always criticised fan made heroes for their usually lack of counterplay, and this hero seems one of those, I’m literally unable to discover how to counter him other than with CC chains. Pair him with a Lorelai and he will just 1v5 the enemy team. If he ends up being released in this state, Zekent and Sonata would have found another maximum of opness. I would honestly prefer to fight a Maxbob, even he offers more counterplay than this shit.


Its called Power Creeping and its the worst thing to have in a Moba.

Right now, AoV is having that problem but Idk about ML but I feel that they are facing it aswell.

The only moba I’ve seen counteract this problem is RIOT (LoL) who are currently reworking older hero’s so they don’t become useless with their outdated kits or something else.

God I hate him already. Rona would be a good counter for Leo if HER KIT WAS ACTUALLY PLAYABLE :mask:


No, this is not power creeping, power creeping is done with more and more mechanics and overloaded kits, this hero is just broken by numbers, give those ratios to Rona and see how quickly she becomes meta. Leo just shows a lack of complete sense of balance and I doubt they’ve even tried, this is blatantly releasing a hero they know it’s broken.


I guess he’ll be countered by his felow junglers/tank…i think but right now junglers doesnt have much diversity since most junglers this patch is :x: out(rona, krul, etc)
And yeah CC chains will be his demise if he gets lockdowned


It is power creeping. It doesnt mean stacked hero kits but when newer hero in general are stronger every update and the hero itself is stronger than the older heros.

Power creeping means a hero in general and not the specifics


Isn’t every newly released hero in ML OP?


So if I give ringo a 1000% weapon ratio in his B so he instakill everyone it’s power creeping? I’ve always defined PC based on the kits, not their actual strength.


Omg no. Google it please.

You’re starting to make me doubt myself and also confuse.

That example you used is not how power creeping works.

Actually you already confused me… Hero strength includes the specifics of the kit but it is added into a heros strength.

Ringo having a 1000% ratio isnt power creep because he’s already released but if the newest hero gets a stronger aspect than the past newest hero, then thats power creeping.


But this hero is broken just because of those ratios, if you give those ratios to every hero they will all becomes broken. It’s not for example Gwen VS ringo where Gwen it’s a better version of ringo, or BF and Kensei. It’s just the ratios.

Been looking at LoL content for that as you said, and they put the same example as me: “It means that as the game gets older, the newer champion get progressively stronger and stronger than characters in the past. It’s pretty clear when you look at how pretty much every new champ has tons of mobility and damage, while older champions had to usually give one up for another”, so basically new heroes having better kits. Leo doesn’t have better kit, he just have broken ratios.


Ok now I know how to respond. And because of his broken ratios, hes a stronger hero than the previous released hero (Caine).

Every new hero that VG introduces is stronger than the previous hero. That includes either a better kit, better stats, or better ratios.


Rona kit is useless for 5vs5. I remember back in the 3vs3 days how her ult was useful and actually at some points - scary. Rona was strong… now? Yeah, but np - they didn’t even do the idris “great” buff that changes nothing and leaves him weak.


No i feel like Caine is more overpowered, Leo seems pretty busted tho once again they just gave him ridiculous stats.


Idk man, 250% weapon ratio on a 5s cooldown AoE ability that gets empowered with 40% more damage… VaKTaBi made the maths, so you can check his comment and see the ridiculous amount of damage this busted hero has.


Yes the damage is ridiculous but Caine late is just a powerhouse like Kinetic on release in a way he’s basically the complete carry, insane mobility, insane damage, good range and you can spam his ult giving him also good poke. Leo is overloaded in terms of base states and scaling but Caine’s kit is more toxic to deal with.