New Hero Teaser - Leo


I think they’re just headlights, tbh. So he can see who’s about to pwn him.


Wouldn’t be so sure, they way it’s going we will probably see Skye with 500% crystal ration on the A.


Really hyped for a (hopefully) proper frontline warrior. Haven’t really gotten one since Kensei, and this class of heroes has suffered the most since they sort of need to be designed for 5v5, or they end up irrelevant late game.

It’s been said he has an “unconventional carry” kit, which I find quite exciting.

Also dig his visuals, feels very classic VG. hopefully there isn’t the same disparity between splash art and in game as we saw with Caine tho.


Apparently I cant get my patches correctly :tipping_hand_man:


I honestly completely agree. His voice just doesn’t fit at all…


They’ve released a gameplay clip of him.

From the looks of it, it seems like he has a jump, stun that pushes, and AOE AAs.


His weapon looks like it’s very inspired by wyvern ignition from mhwimage


Jeez Cloud even has to be broken in VG? Smh

Srsly tho I’d be surprised if the stun were a basic ability. It’s likely his ult.


Oml he has Ronas A with Baptistes empowered AAs.

And just when I said I hope he doesn’t have any movement abilities :see_no_evil:

But he does look fun though, I cant deny that…


Star Wars lightsaber sound effects on his sword are kind of cheesy imo.

Okay, how do you counter this guy?


Ban him in ranked. Or dodge. Or RUN


I don’t like the orange split cape. I love the visuals to his abilities and attacks. It seems to cycle through a few different animation sequences - I like that!


Baptiste is a good Melee lockdown type of hero. Most players forget he exists since Reim and Krul are the best at fighting melees/ 1v1s.

That said, I hope they buff Baptiste next patch cuz hes kinda underwhelming compared to all the other melee laners :sweat:

Also whats the difference between both his skins, they look the same :nauseated_face: Silvernail went bald for his skin, Kensei went to white hair, and Kinetic channeled her inner purple for her skin.

I honestly dont see anything different in this art…


can’t believe they didn’t name the skin rebelleon


Not going to lie - I thought the sentence “I don’t give up” in particular was going to end completely different. The entire script seemed like a second grade playground standoff


I literally facepalmed when I heard the lightsaber.

I’m assuming the same way we had to counter Rona at her peak. Just have to be cautious of the added pushback. Honestly looks like any decent Vox, Gwen, that archetype etc should punish him missing that stun


His kit is something like Rona’s A and Glaive’s A and passive? … Disappointing from what I’ve seen till now


No god please no we don’t need Riven in VG


Excoundrel uploaded a new video showing the new hero. Seems like his damage is insane, and has heavy CC so… not gonna like thins hero.


I’m not surprised. They admitted they release them broken :unamused: (presumably as a ploy to get people to buy them on release)