New Hero Teaser - Leo


Hope its better designed than Cain animations wise. Im not exited though, an image with only the silluete means nothing to me. We at least know he has an strange kit, thats something.


Another swordsman to play :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hopefully he has a fun kit unlike Kensei

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The new hero’s weapon looks like something out of RWBY tbh. Am I accurate in saying this, @hazeleyes?


Kensei is fun. @VaKTaBi your turn.

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Its all in personal preferences but I think his kit is extremely boring. And his A or Lotus Slash or what triggers me the the most :tipping_hand_man:

Stop trying to get me into a rant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

UNFUN?!?!?!?! Kensei is the funniest swordsman to play with, his B+A combo allows you to outplay and move around the map quickly. His ult has a lot of uses such as to scape, engage or catch by surprise your enemies. Saying that Kensei is not fun is like saying the Sun is an ice block :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:

Uuuuuuuu… I’m watching you…

Prepare the rant potential to when the new broken hero not even EdTheShread has bother saying it wasnt is release :slight_smile:

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Definitely could be Sage’s sword :sunglasses:

But I’d find him much more interesting if his weapon was more like Qrow’s:

You sure got that correct :clown_face:

His abilities are soooo not smooth and it feels like Rezas dash before they changed it to make it more fluid.

(The small pauses after using any of his movement abilities are trigger worthy)

To bring this back to the original topic, hopefully this character doesn’t have a dash ability since we so much of those already :new_moon_with_face:


His dashes are like that not because the hero, but due to some problems with dashes in general. Maxman talked about it: some heroes dashes doesn’t work properly.

If the new hero has no dashes… He would have full CC since is the only way he could reach range carries

Well Kensei is predominantly one of the hero that its most seen with that problem since all of his abilities is a type of movement ability.

So that hurts him the most than other hero’s with one or two dashes.

Ill end the conversation since it seems like we’re finally reaching a closing point.

I must say that I dont think his voice suits the look of this hero but I shouldn’t expect more :man_shrugging:

Also his sword looks interesting


Are you prepared to stand in my way ~ Leo

Ooooooofffff , kensei , Reza and Skye left the chat .

What’s 3.5 you mean 4.3 ?

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So … many … words. :unamused:

My quick reaction: they need SV back, because whoever wrote that script needs help.


That pic looks really cheap, I mean I know its just a silhouette but still it just looks weird.

I fear it won’t be, there are leaks that don’t look good.

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If theycwere gonna give him that voice at LEAST give him some kind of scruffy beard or make him bigger ._.


Yea, that voice he has looks like it would suit Silvernail or Yates. Not Leo :sweat:

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I would expect a more young apprentice-like voice from his design tbh. That or something like Kensei

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Also I just realized the back of his sword looks similar to Glaive’s jet axe