New hero idea: Spectre the Explosive Sniper

Name: Spectre
• Difficulty: Hard /Role: Carry (Laner)/Position: Sniper /Weapon: /Energy Type:
• Stats:
Health: 672 - 1970 (+119 each level)
Health Regen: 2.5 - 3.6 (+ each level)
Energy: 250-725 (+45 each level)
Energy Regen: 4.2 - 5.86 (+0.15 each level)
Attack Speed: 100% - 111% (+1% each level)
Attack Damage: 70 - 125 (+5 each level)
Armor: 20 - 50
Shield: 20 - 50
Range: 7.0
Movespeed: 3.1
• Perk: Sniper Elite: Spectre will not be revealed while attacking from the bush. However, his attacks can still be seen. Also, each of his basic attack will deal 115% WP and will deal its damage to all enemies along the path

• A: Frag Rounds: Spectre shoots an explosive bullet from his gun that upon impact with an enemy hero or getting to max range will explode, dealing an empowered basic attack’s damage with CP damage (if you build CP) and after that will spit out 4 explosive fragments in a cone, dealing reduced damage of the first impact.
-Energy cost: 40-50-60-70-80
-Cooldown: 6-5.5-5-4.5-4
-Range: 10
-Impact radius: 4
-Frag radius: 3
-Impact basic attack damage: 105%-110%-115%-120%-125%
-CP damage ratio: 170%-180%-190%-200%-220%
-Fragment based on impact damage: 35%-40%-45%-50%-60%
• B: Adaptive Camo: Spectre becomes invisible and gain bonus movement speed but every second he’s invisible he will lose energy. Standing in a bush while invisible will stop the energy drain and will rapidly recharge back his energy. Taking or dealing damage while invisible will reveal him instantly but taking damage will put this ability on a long cooldown. This ability can be toggle on and off at anyone’s time
-Energy cost per second: 40-55-70-85-100
-Cooldown if being hit: 20-20-18-18-14
-Energy recharged per second while in bush: 10-15-20-25-35
-Bonus movement speed: 1-1.25-1.5-1.75-2
• Ult: Insight: Spectre shoots a magic bullets from anywhere on the map that will deal damage to the first visible hero on the map that it hits then bounces to other targets (prioritising heroes). Other targets will take slightly reduced damage from the bounce damage:
-Energy cost: 200-300-400
-Cooldown: 70-65-60
-Damage: 500-750-1000+150% WP+ 275% CP
-Bounce damage reduction: 50%-40%-30%
• Description: A long range sniper with extreme splash damage and stealth capabilty
These numbers aren’t finished and they are up to you to edit them. Please feel free to do it in the comment section


Useless perk tbh. What’s the point lol

It actually ain’t useless at all. It makes for some silent sniping in the middle of a chaos. And btw, if you don’t like it, just insert your own here

I mean what’s the point of making him invinsible WHILE attacking from the bush if his attacks aren’t invinsible anyways?

Don’t mistake my post as hate please. It was just my opinion.

I know you have no hate but hear me out mate. His attacks aren’t conceal but if his projectiles are as small as Kestrel it won’t be bad right? :slight_smile: Anyway, if you don’t like it, feel free to post your own down there

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A camping sniper… hmmm… 10 range… his abilities promote camping?
this would be an jungler type hero.
with cooldowns, he could just camp forever…
line damage means his lane clear will be insane…
plus his map wide ult would mean no more half health hero’s running around… 1000 dmg + 250% cp would mean any hero less than half health would just die instantly.

i guess his weaknesses would be getting spotted out. but that’s solved with his B move.

How about changing kestrel’s perk with this so it isn’t useless and its basically the same.

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His ult will be like Varya which means that you can still dodge it and yes. His weakness is being caught out and even his base HP says that. He only has 1970 HP though

I dont want to insult but this kind of hero, similarly exist in MLBB. Her name is Lesley. CMIIW.
Yes she is sniper, has stealth ability, when in invisible mode she cant be attacked and she has very long range ability to shoot the target.

But it will make each hero lose its own uniqueness. Alteration will be better. Please leave your suggestion mate

I don’t know that b4 making this. I only know VG and Overwatch as MOBA (Overwatch however is a hybrid between FPS and MOBA)

Oh yeah. Jungle’d be great for him

That’s what I mean,the kit looks a lot like kestrel’s

I remember Varya also sounded very questionable prior to release and continues to be a menace but not impossible to kill…
I applaud your efforts in this hero creation. if it came with some Fan Art… that would complete it.

Since you clarified the ult can be dodged, actually sounds (reads) balanced.

still not sure about the perk though. a free piercing through all enemies could see somebody build a full crit / attack speed and turn cancer.

What about Lore? Kestrel’s boyfriend?

As I said above, I wanna create a sniper rifle version of Kestrel

The base attack speed is even slower than Baron, the slowest shooting ADC in the game so that won’t happen. I’ve calculated this already.
For Fan Art, I can’t draw for real but just picture that he wears a suit of armor, a mask with night vision goggles and a cape
For Lore, I wanna give SAW (aka the Lord and the Savior) a sniper to back him up while assaulting

So her B has a range of ten (that’s big) with a CD of 2.2s and a 220% CP ratio? Chained with invisibility every 10 seconds.

So with some cooldown reduction he can spam his B and escape every 7/8 seconds when focused?

You’ve thrown in a massive AEO ability with a 250% CP artillery strike.

This sounds like a stealth Baron, only more toxic because he can escape easily.

One. Yeah his A has insane poke ability but maybe like Kestrel, whenever you attack somebody, you will become visible again and the stealth costs a ton of energy and upon taking damage by a hero, his stealth will go on that 10s cooldown which gives you more than enough time to finish him off and his ult is just like Varya’s. It’s dodgable unless the target is brain dead. And he doesn’t have a stun and a slow so you can still rush him. I calculated this

You should really change your title to reflect your content buddy. ‘New hero idea’ is too broad.

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