New hero idea: Gerald the Field Commander

*Hero lore in short: the commander in SAW’s old battalion before he got seriously injured in a mission and had to retire. Now he travels to the Fold and the Rise to find the mysterious Halcyon power to save his family and to heal his injuries.
*Hero kit.
-HP: 700 (+125 HP per level).
-Armor and Shield: 20 (+2.73 per level, rounded down).
-Energy: 200 (+25 per level).
-WP: 67.5 (+6.5 per level, rounded down).
-Attack speed: 100% (+3.3% per level)
-Movement speed: 2.9m/s.
-Attack range: 6.2m.
•Perk: Field Commander:
-As a field commander, Gerald always goes on combat with a shield-pistol combo so he will have 10% (+2.5% per level) frontal damage reduction. Beside that, his pistol is a 4-round burst pistol, firing 4 small bullets that will each deal 25% WP. However, his shield won’t hold forever. It will take 200 (+50 per level) damage before breaking. After being out of combat for 5s (-0.1% WP), his shield will being repaired at a rate of 5% (+2.5% WP) max shield HP/second. While his shield is broken, Gerald will dual wield brass knuckles, gaining a 0.4m/s movement speed boost and 10% (+5% per level) attack speed boost. Also his basic attacks now become melee at 1.8m and will deal the full damage of a basic attack.
-His A ability changes when his shield is active or inactive.
•A1: Shield Dash:
-Gerald switches on the jet propulsion system in his shield, boosting himself forward in a set direction, damaging, stunning and knocking back the first target he hits in his path.
-If he hits a hero or terrain, he will stop boosting.
-Overdrive: At the end of the boost, Gerald will activate a row of flashbangs on his shield, reducing the vision range of the enemies caught in a 30° cone 4m in front of him to 0m.
+Cooldown: 15s.
+Energy cost: 40/50/60/70/80.
+Range: 18m/19.5m/21m/22.5m/24m.
+Boosting speed: 12m/s.
+Damage: 100/200/300/400/500 WP +125% WP +150% CP.
+Stun duration: 0.2s/0.4s/0.6s/0.8s/1s +0.05% CP
•A2: Tesla Knuckles:
-Gerald electrocutes his brass knuckles for a short period of time, making them deal additional CP damage and silencing the target very briefly.
+Cooldown: 20s/20s/20s/20s/15s.
+Energy cost.
+Bonus CP damage: 10/20/30/40/50 +100% CP.
+Silence duration: 0.05s.
•B: Flash Inferno:
-Gerald targets a hero for his shoulder-mounted rocket launchers and unloads all 8 rockets on a targeted hero, dealing basic attacks with CP damage in an AOE and burning all the enemies caught in the AOE for 2.5s. The burn damage doesn’t stack with each rocket.
+Cooldown: 24s/24s/24s/24s/16s.
+Energy cost: 150/200/250/300/350.
+Range: 8m.
+Basic attack damage: 12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%/25%.
+CP damage: 10/25/40/55/75 +15% CP.
+CP burn damage/second: 20/40/60/80/100 +150% CP.
•Ult: Battle Comand:
-Gerald tags a target within his vision range for the entire team to attack, making that target more vulnerable to damage for a period of time.
+Cooldown: 30s.
+Energy cost: 150.
+Duration: 4s/6s/8s.
+Damage increase on target: 15%/25%/40%.


That is one detailed perk. I like it though. B seems a bit similar to Skye’s ult, but all his abilities would lead so some nice gameplay, as WP bruiser or Captain. I’m not sure if an 0.05 second silence is even worth it tho. I couldn’t really say until I’ve tested it. Would work great against high sustain heroes, and alongside high burst heroes with that ult.


Very Detailed interesting Idea but his kit is too large IMO. He would be able to play all 3 roles at once with a single build and he would be perfect at them. Literally a one man army. Sounds cool but definitely overpowered.

My advice is

Heroic Perk:
Drop the WP scalings in his perk, make his shield on a stable cool-down on all levels and switch it to based on bonus health

Ability A: Remove the stun a dash knock back is already enough plus the overdrive makes their vision obsolete so stunning is pointless or just adding fuel to being OP

Also I recommend that for your next idea or massive post add some spacing, seeing a wall of text makes me not want to read the post no matter how good it is. Dont know if thats just me