New hero idea: Dr. Zeke the Zombie Toxic Expert

*Hero lore in short: a by-product of a secret bioweapon project gone horribly wrong by the Stormguard now turns into an intelligent zombie (he can talk of course). With an arsenal of toxic and bioweapons, he sets out to seek revenge.
•Role: Jungler.
•Type: Mage.

+HP: 625 (+175 HP per level).

+Energy: 250 (+25 per level).

+Armor and Shield: 20 (+2.73 per level, rounded down).

+WP: 10.

+Attack range: 6.2m.

+Attack speed: 100% (+2% per level).

+Movement speed: 3m/s.

•Perk: Walking Arsenal:

-Zeke is a walking arsenal of a zombie, having the most dangerous bioweapons. His basic attacks are Toxic Gas Grenades launched from his right arm launcher that deal CP damage upon impact and create a gas cloud that covers an area, dealing CP damage afterwards for a period of time. His eyes are Cardiac Sensors that can detect stealthed enemies within a small radius around him.

-Toxic Grenades impact damage: 50.5 (+4.5 per level, rounded down) +50% CP.

-Gas cloud damage per second: 10 (+5 per level) +150% CP.

-Gas cloud deals damage every 0.1s.

-Gas cloud AOE: 4m +1% CP.

-Gas cloud duration: 2s +0.5% CP.

-Gas cloud deals 50% damage to non-heroes.

-Cardiac Sensors AOE: 3.5m.

•A: Neurotoxin Bite:

-Zeke jumps at a target, biting that target, dealing CP damage. After that the target will move slower, take more damage from all of his attacks and is revealed at a longer range for his Cardiac Sensors for a period of time due to the neurotoxin he injects.

+Cooldown: 15s/12.5/10s/7.5s/5s.

+Energy cost: 50/55/60/65/70.

+Range: 4m.

+CP damage: 50/100/150/200/250 +100% CP.

+Damage increase: 10%/15%/20%/25%/40%.

+Slow: 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%.

+Cardiac Sensors range increase: 1.5m/2m/2.5m/3m/3.5m.

+Duration: 2s.

•B: Nesting Habit:

*If tapped on current location: Zeke places a bunch of destructible spores that create spores in his current location. Spores will empower his attacks and will deal damage to enemies in their AOE. After being destroyed, they will deal a burst of damage. Max 5 bunches.

*If tapped on a bunch of spores within range: After channeling for 1.25s, Zeke teleports at the location of the chosen bunch of spores.

+Cooldown (placing): 5s.

+Cooldown (teleporting): 45s.

+Energy cost: 30/35/40/45/50.

+Range (teleporting): 15m.

+Spores AOE: 5m.

+Spores HP: 150/225/300/375/450 +25% bonus HP.

+Damage increase: 10%/15%/20%/25%/35%.

+CP damage per second: 25/50/75/100/125 CP damage +100% CP.

+CP burst damage: 100/175/250/325/500 CP damage +175% CP.

•Ult: Acid Sprayer:

-Zeke switches to his left-arm Acid Sprayer. His basic attacks are now continuous streams of acid, dealing rapid CP damage per second in a 45° cone. This basic attack will have a shorter range but will slow enemies caught in its AOE by 20%.

-Secondary targets will take only 75% of the damage.

-Leveling up this ability also increase the attack range of the Toxic Gas Grenades.

-DPS dealt by this ability is measured by the base CP damage multiplied with the current attack speed since he has no delay between basic attacks while this ability is active. It deals damage every 0.1s.

-Zeke can turn this on and off whenever he likes.

+Cooldown: 0s.

+Energy cost: 0.

+Bonus Toxic Gas Grenade attack range: 0.2m/0.4m/0.8m.

+Range reduction to base attack range: 0.4m/0.2m/0m.

+Base CP damage per second: 175/250/400 CP damage +150% CP.

*Visual appearance:
Zeke wears a lab coat, a pair of jeans and black boots. On his back are 2 tanks of acid plugged into his left arm Acid Sprayer and his right arm Toxic Gas Grenade Launchers. The tubes are covered with overgrown.

*Hero signature quote: "Smells like (takes a deep breath)… toxic gas with a dash of acid. "

*Tips with this hero:

  1. Lurk inside bushes then open up the combat with your Neurotoxin Bite then basic attacks. Your attacks will deal significantly more damage.
  2. Place your spores in a bush or at a secured place so it won’t be destroyed too easily, thus reducing your damage output since they empower you.
  3. Switch between your Toxic Gas Grenade Launcher and your Acid Sprayer for maximum damage output. When up close, spray some acid to deal some serious damage. When your target is running out of range, pop some grenades.
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I like it. However I don’t think his ult should be available at lv1, because his basic attacks already seem quite powerful, and you don’t want to overload the detail in his passive. (CP area damage + Cardiac sensors is enough)

However I really like the playstyle that can be done, placing spores with his B, using his A to jump onto an Enemy, and then teleporting back to a safe range to use doubly empowered basic attacks to melt the enemy with his toxic gases (no pun intended).

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Done. Just did what you said mate.

Btw this idea I gather from a lot of films and games. He will act exactly like an intelligent zombie: sneaking in a bush, jump at a hero to attack and get the hell out before being killed.
Ps just added in a quote of the hero.

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Isnt the storm guard trained soldiers of the queen?

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Yeah but this is in-game lore and this part hasn’t been touched so we can expand it as whatever we want and btw with every army comes an R&D team and this time, the Stormguard has an R&D team to create bioweapons.

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@Geenmen @EdAWACSdenyY any comments bros?

So he is a CP adc(sniper) that will be on the frontline?

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Seems like the queen would have rnd outside the stormgaurd

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Yep. The truest definition of a roamer, lurking out in the bushes in the frontlines.