New Hero Hints

So basically yesterday Excoundrel was on stream and he gave a few hints on what the new hero is. I want you guys to help theorise about who he is . Here are the clues:

  1. He is male
  2. The first letter of his name is in the lower half of the alphabet
  3. We’ve seen him in the lore before (it’s not Frankie)
  4. He’s not a mage

Good Luck!


hmm that’s a though one did he say it’s not Frankie?

Yup he explicitly said it’s not him, plus the first letter in his name doesn’t fit

F comes in the lower half tho. I think it’s gonna be one of Joule’s friends… Some mech related hero.

She had a lot of friends. And one of them was SBD or something… Idk. Just a hunch.

I love riddle and stories :heart_eyes_cat:

I will find this get ready guys


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I was gonna say Corpus too damn

Ok here it is…

Stormqueen lore:
Vyn (ravens but male sort of)

Pavel (ringo’s carnie friend)

Joule lore: (Joule’s friends who she made the heist with that fit the specifications)

I beleive that the most likely is Pavel as we don’t know what happens to him.


What a legend. Thanks.

Pavel was kinda being theorycrafted as being SAW at some point too iirc.

I want it to be Elizar Celeste’s aide I believe in the storm queen lore in end with Vyn vision of him betraying her

Anyway, my bet is on the new hero being a kid.

So, one of Joule’s friends. We need more mech stuff. :wink:

What lore is this? Who is Eliza?

And you missed Von Haydes. The inventory guy of Joule’s mech. And he’s on Adagio’s card art too

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Star queen Celeste (III). Also it’s Elizar

Von Hades is V it hero which is M or lower

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I don’t remember his full name. But he has a first name…

Can anyone tell me when the stream with the reveal at the end they teased about? In “X hours from this post” format? Please…

Okay… Axe the Joule’s friends thing lol.

Think it’s related to the Stormguard saga part of the lore.

So… It’s not Elizar since he’s a mage. If the hints are actually true.

Oops forgot about that :joy:

betting on Vyn with that sugar venom tweet, if not Vyn Von Haydes is my second guess.

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