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What you folks think about Final Fantasy XV? I am in the starting hours of this game but feels like I’m forcing myself to play this just for the sake that it’s a Final Fantasy game and i feel happy thinking that I’ve completed all from I to XII ( except the MMOs) and do not want to miss any.

If you like metroidvanias, then I would really recommend Bloodstained if you can bear with some of the occasional technical issues and not exactly the best graphics, as it did a great job in being a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night imo. The variety in playstyles based on your weapon/equip choices was neat and it doesn’t really feel like it drags on a bit like the later half of SOTN. Plus the upcoming content seems cool as well.
I would maybe also recommend Wargroove or Disgaea if you liked the gameplay of 3 Houses. Both have similar gameplay, but WG has a slightly higher skill floor in terms of tactics and Disgaea is super anime and more grind-focused.

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Oh I assume it would be available on eshop and psn pretty much anywhere, I dunno why it wouldn’t be but if you can’t find it maybe a physical copy from overseas on your preferred platform, it’s a game I definitely recommend to try if you can get it at a decent price

oh i love me some tactical RPGs and do i have played quite a lot of them.
Disgaea I completed back then on PSP when i was in this crazy mode to complete any TRPGs that i could find ( Tactics Ogre TWoTL, LUCT) ,Disgaea, GBA’s Fire Emblem games, DS Shadow Dragon,FF Tactics and Tactics Advance, Gungnir and couple others whose name i forgot).
I do enjoy mostly Medieval setting stuff in my games and not over the top realistic with tanks and stuff but there is this Iron Harvest coming out on steam that has gotten me interested.

I did not play any 3DS Fire Emblem and stuff hmm

altho. if you are interested that i would suggest you to try out Gungnir on PSP. Its a great game with unique mechanics and co developed by Atlus and they do make some interesting stuff.

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i was talking about the original PS2 release. i think the HD one is on steam as well.

I would say Awakening and SoV were good overall and worth picking up if you really like FE. Fates, not so much. Ignoring the part about it where you have to buy one of the games as the base route and the other 2 as DLC, I thought the gameplay itself was as good as any other FE (even if there were a few annoying maps) and the balance around the unbreakable weapons was interesting, but the story/writing was fairly bad. It certainly tried doing some things like in 3H where it tries to make you question your route choice, but it didn’t do too good of a job in doing so and I honestly barely remember anything about the characters, which isn’t exactly a good thing.

Oh whoops lol, didn’t know you meant the ps2 okami

Best and worst decision of my life. Tell me when you get to the end game cuz there will be ALOT to talk about :flushed:

Also this game played with my emotions like a child playing with their toy.

If it was back in the days, the new versions got a lot of changes and additions that will make it worthwhile to play again alone.

It’s out, but it’s 1.1 version, i.e. even not the giant update (1.2). The content is half of the current game and even less + a lot of quality of life changes missing. It’s good, it’s defo good and they will add content, but after the release of the android port and that’s like a year from now. :slight_smile:

so i finished the game last night and got to say i was somewhat disappointed from the final boss. the fight was all over the place and they were flying left and right, that endless corridor climbing and ■■■■■ dropping out of nowhere from the sky, it made my head hurt.

but i got to say i did enjoy the game- the fighting mechanics were all point except the elixir spam to keep myself alive and cheesing lv50 bosses, music was hella nice, story was decent-ish is what i say. not bad but not great either.

all that aside tho. i don’t think i am going to buy the DLC nor do i aim to complete 100%. game has burned me out and think i’m done with XV

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there’s Mount and Blade, Doom and RE:3 fairly close from being released and i am looking forward to playing them all.

I totally agree. Its good, something I havent seen before, but it was poorly handled. So much loose ends at the end of th3 game and they had to release dlc and I think a book to tie it up after the release of the game. So the 4 dlcs is for the story which really should have been a part of the base game.

1 of the dlc was released and 3 out of the four planned dlc was canceled so they decided to put the 3 dlcs in a book format.

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there was a Film and an Anime too right? was that before the game story or after?