New Game Suggestions

So it’s the start of a new year and I have my eyes set on playing games back to back
What games are you folks playing right now? Any Interesting game i should look into?

I am looking for something with somewhat decent story that i can play on my pace,

Any Suggestions?

What platform(s) are you looking at?

If you’ve not played them, a couple of games with fantastic stories are

  • NieR: Automata (play this on console: the PC version is buggy and requires some 3rd party patches to fix)
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (worth buying a Switch for – it’s that good)

You can lose yourself in either of those games for ages … and it’s easy to pace yourself in each of them to match your desired style of play.


Any platform is fine

I’ve not completed NieR as of yet (i got pretty close to finishing it but i think it burned me out)

BoTW was probably one of the best experience i had and sole reason i bought switch too.

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AC New Horizons is coming out in 40 days :smirk:

Also Stardew Valley is a great cheap indie game!

Fire Emblem Three Houses is also cool if you like a little strategy.


dead cells, now it’s on sale with a bundle with it’s latest DLC (the DLC goes live tomorrow). For platformer/rogue like it’s a blast.


I can vouch for the suggestions @RiseChu and @cha0z made. They’re all great games that I don’t regret picking up.
As for my own suggestions, I would say a few indie games like Celeste, Hollow Knight, and Hyper Light Drifter are worth it on a budget. All 3 have pretty great stories (although in the former 2, you have to snoop around a little to get the lore) and most importantly, fantastic gameplay and quite a lot of content for their price. On the more expensive side, I would recommend a few like Bloodstained (despite its technical issues across platforms), Dragon Quest XI (specifically the upgraded Switch version), and Xenoblade 2, especially with the DLC for it that includes a full game that’s a prequel to the main one. They all have a ton of content to justify their price and pretty great stories.

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Dead Cells on sale? I just checked it on Steam and it’s still full price

Some other bops! Played XB2 and had major fun with it. The lore connected with my feels and that past game that made it even better.

I had a fun time watching Celeste (had deep topics) and Hollow Knight (beautiful art style)!

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Anybody know any good new mobile games? I’m talking about higher quality indie productions, or websites that still cover them? You used to be able to use editors choice to find good indie stuff in the app store but its filled with more casual games now.

Check out Ticket to Earth


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If you’ve not played “Transistor” or “Bastion” — they’re both great on mobile.


Along with what others said for mobile, Ghost trick is also a great pic with the first chapter being free to try, loved it on ds and it’s great that it’s on mobile. Gris as well is a beautiful little game with a bit of a touching story and nice soundtrack.

Another game to add to the list for this thread, Okami if people haven’t tried it yet. Amazing style and story with a great soundtrack and it’s fun of course, you get to play as special doggy too

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The Witcher 3, it’s what I’ve been hooked on lately

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There should be a bundle for dead cells + the paid DLC (the other ones are free). Can’t be sure as I got the game for some time now. Also there is a -10% from the DLC for those who got the game IIRC.

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Oh there’s a new DLC out? Will check it out then.
I did play the base game when it was released and it got me hooked.

Three Houses was good. I enjoyed it.
Don’t know if stardew or AC is my type of game.
I did play rune factory 3 back on my DS but don’t remember if i liked it or not.


I do keep my eyes on new indie releases as well.
Hollow Knight was another great last year experience and i think i did whole 112%. Really looking forward to silksong.
Hyper Light Drifter and Celeste I’ve yet to play but both Hollow Knight and Katana Zero was fantastic (metroidvania games have gotten quite better in my view since i couldn’t even bring myself close to playing past few hours of metroid games years back than and I’ve yet to complete any metroid game except the first one). Bloodstained I played the pixel style one they release but have yet to play the main one.
DQ XI i tried but got bored fairly quick, same with Octopath and I am Setsuna ( think I’m loosing touch with RPGs :frowning: ).

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I remember Dead Cells was coming to iOS. That would be a great game to check if it’s out and you have iOS.

I have completed the main game and tried to go with DLC but got bored quickly when geralt started being batman again and made me inspect everything for clues to progress the story after completing the wishes quest.
Hopefully it’s a temporary thing because this is one of those few games i want to complete 100%.

Okami I’ve heard quite a lot about it but I can’t find the game anywhere in India. :frowning: