New Forum Features - Topic Previews & Portfolios & User Directory

Three new forum features are now available for your consideration if you’re using the default “VGForums” theme:

Topic Previews

Certain subcategories now display topics as a grid with previews of the images contained within them:

I’ll leave it to you to discover which subcategories include this feature :wink:

User Portfolios

Users now have a “Portfolio” link on their user cards:

user card
This links to a list of that user’s topics that have been tagged with the #art tag – moreover, this list makes use of the Topic Previews feature above, making it a nice portfolio of that user’s work!

Improved User Directory

We’ve always had a list of top users here, but I doubt most people found it interesting or useful, because it was simply a long list of usernames and required clicking through to find out anything about a given user. The new directory shows a list of USER CARDS, which is not only more visually interesting but also provides far more useful information at a glance:

Feedback on these new features is welcome! As long as the prevailing opinion is positive, I’ll add them to our other themes as well!