New Forum Backgrounds for 4.2


The following backgrounds are now available:

  • Caine
  • ‘Bandit’ Caine
  • ‘Kurokage’ Idris
  • ‘Infernozo’ Ozo

As always, refresh your browser if they don’t show up for you in your preferences!


Time to get rid of Skye for my real waifu :ozo:


I just realized that we only have two new skins for 4.3.

Can we atleast have Skyes skin still up for 3.4?


We have 3 skins: bandit cain, infernozo and Kurokage Idris.

Why no kurokage idris? @hazeleyes :frowning:


Because I forgot him! Oops! Will fix!

EDIT: Done!


I think you already know what background I will chose XD


LOVE the Ozo background. I’ve never played him. The skin is so cool to me, that I’ll be watch the spotlight, watch some YT vids, and of course be reaching out to our very own @DIMTI for some tips!


Heads up: device wallpapers thread is updated too! Vainglory Wallpapers :fire: :ozo: :fire:


I like the cool castle still. Where is it from?


It’s called “The Academy” and it’s by Michelle Hardy (aka Noxii), formerly senior concept artist at SEMC, now at Castle Hill Gaming.

(I added the glittery dust animation in After Effects.)