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New Forum Backgrounds for 4.0


Just added the following backgrounds for 4.0:

  • San Feng
  • Feathered Anka
  • Ares Varya
  • Athena Varya
  • Dragon Master Catherine

As usual, when the update goes live, the default background will be the new hero, San Feng, but if you’d like to select one of the others, just go to the Preferences --> Interface tab on your profile and pick the one you want from the dropdown! (You may need to refresh your browser to see the new choices due to CDN and browser caching, btw.)

NEW FOR THIS UPDATE: Because 3.10 was such a short patch, the backgrounds from 3.10 will be sticking around through the entirety of 4.0. Also, these backgrounds are live right now, so go ahead and give them a try!


Very tempting to test my luck out on her even though rng bad


YUS! Catherine gonna be lookin hella badass on my screen everytime I open the forums now :celestelove:


Thanks, @hazeleyes! For my mobile device, San Feng is too large and a lot of him is cut out by the screen. I don’t seem to see that issue (or it’s not as bad) with other backgrounds. Figured I’d let you know in case that is unintended. If it’s unavoidable, then apologies for the post. I imagine they’re all great on desktop.


Unfortunately, it’s basically due to the layout of the actual splash art. He’s way to the side instead of being in the middle like most of the subjects have been.


Figured it was something like that. Wanted to let you know in case it wasn’t. Love seeing the dragon knight goddess show up on my screen now :cheers_boba_t3:


feather anka gang RISE UP