New Forum Backgrounds for 3.8


Now that Update 3.8 is live, Inara’s splash art is our new default forum background … however, you can also select one of the other splashes from this update by going to Preferences -> Interface and choosing your desired option from the dropdown there!


Man, this update’s splash art is choice. :kraken_ok:


can you also put the flicker version of malene + flicker. thank


Not sure what you mean … it’s a single splash image that includes both of them :ghost:


the flicker one is flipped and has flicker larger though owo you can find it in the flicker skin section :eyes: malene is good too though uwu


Oh, ok … SEMC hasn’t provided an official version of that one, unfortunately.


big oof


Made that for you from the original Photoshop file :jack_o_lantern:



FINALLY got a high res version of the Rainbow Glaive splash art … added a theme for him to the rest of the 3.8 options!


thank you :^)