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New Forum Backgrounds for 3.10


Just added the following backgrounds for 3.10:

  • Ylva (default skin)
  • Teddy Bear Joule
  • Panda Joule
  • Wu Xing Flame Taka
  • Red Lantern (Lotus) Koshka

As usual, the default background will be the new hero, Ylva, but if you’d like to select one of the others, just go to the Preferences --> Interface tab on your profile and pick the one you want from the dropdown! (You may need to refresh your browser to see the new choices due to CDN and browser caching, btw.)


But why? I’m the best, obviously.


But you don’t have your rare skin like the other new heroes , that’s so sad , Can she get 5 likes .


How does it feel the fact that your brother has a skin and you don’t? Being the only new hero (lorelai) without a skin must also feel horrible, even kinetic who doesn’t even have attack animations has one.


Lets throw her a pity party along with lorelai.



:kraken_sad_t3: :minions_sad_t3: :bacon_tears:


:kraken_sad_t3: :minions_sad_t3: :bacon_tears:


you’re gonna be another Lorelai


She doesn’t have a skin because she has one of the best default splash arts. Doesn’t need one.


all right koshka gang I think we can all agree on the red lotus as the best background :smirk_cat:
These new ones don’t look nearly as good as the old art :crying_cat_face:


@hazeleyes quick question, is there a variant for the black theme that was experimented back in the days when the forums were opened? With the no background and the different (and in my opinion, vastly better) post structuring and looks?

Like in 2hours back in time from now, I had a sudden temp switch to it for 3 seconds and remembered how better it looks.


Short answer: nope

Longer answer: No, because all of the themes available here are built upon the Vincent theme. Any CSS we’ve modified depends upon base styles in Vincent, for instance. So, your only choice is to override the site CSS yourself (using a plugin or some other technique, such as this) in your local browser.


I’ll just add to hazeleyes’s answer - the temp switches you saw were from when I broke the site while testing some emoji customization options (increasing the size for vainglory item emoji: :vgitem_bonesaw: :vgitem_alternatingcurrent:).

I could break it again, technically, to get back to whatever you saw, but it’d be super unpredictable and might screw up responsive layouts on different browsers, in addition to making us lose control of other site features.


Nah, don’t do such things heheh. The forum looks just fine now, I just tend to prefer the cleaner look of that theme that was used in the beginning for some time and the variant of it that I saw today (sadly for me to the point, that I find it one of the best forum layouts ever :smiley: ) thus asked if it’s possible, tho I guessed myself that 99% it won’t be (in a viable way atleast).

Thanks to both of you for the detailed explanation. Cheers! :slight_smile:


Historical note: We’ve actually been using Vincent since the very beginning. It’s just that Vincent itself has been tweaked a number of times over its lifetime. Tbh, there were a couple of changes I could have done without, but overall, I’m pleased with the theme, which was designed to be lightweight, legible, and responsive – which was the rationale behind the choice in the first place.


Yes, it’s great overall. Dunno then, do you remember there was a time at the beginning that for some time the posts got a line between them instead of space, the heart was bolder, the animation when you reach the last not read post was different, etc? I am making reference to that. Then you said no backgrounds can be put to it, switched to this one currently (that was also at the very beginning) and continue to tweak it. Atleast it’s what I recall on the situation, can be wrong on some details, but overall that different theme/layout stayed for atleast few weeks, I think.


Yah, that was an earlier version of Vincent.


So you were the one who broke and made my Potoo mega sized hmmm :lanceheresy:


Haha no, that wasn’t me. Some custom emoji just freak out on mobile layouts in quote boxes. It’s weird.


Rip. Maybe one day Ill find a way to make him big again.