New Champion - Aphelios [ Marksman ]

Details are scant, but his bio is up on the League web site:


I’ve read his lore and its truely interesting (not surprising) as it expands on the constant conflict of the Lunari and Solari and how one currently holds more power over the other AT THIS MOMENT.

Whether or not if it will change is unknown at the moment but it seems the Lunari is slowly gaining leverage with the twin moon siblings and their new found powers together.

I would recommend this since how they obtain their power is cool n such.

I usually listen to these like audio books while im doing something else.

5 weapons lol! His abilities kit is bonkers.

His kit makes my head hurt…

Also he gets his own hud


This is Yugioh level description. 5 AA, 10 abilities, different passives. Senna was already loaded enough, now we have an Invoker.

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CertainlyT really went all out in designing this champion, we’re just lucky he doesn’t have like 20 dashes.

In any case though, this champion is gonna be interesting to play, seems like timing is key for this champion, having the right weapons for team fights, ammo management will be important.

My bets is that he’ll have a 30% winrate in the first week or so and skyrocket when people get the hang of him, and he’s gonna lose half his kit by the end of 2020

Since Apheliososo was a two man process, one of the devs said T wanted to give him 20 and yes 20 weapons.

Good thing Asphelios never was finished (when cT was around) or we would have the hardest hero to not play, but understand.

Yea thats a no from me dawg

Idk. Is this a leak or not @hazeleyes ?

It’s kind of hard to call it a leak because of how much info there is out about Aphelios already.

Fwiw, my initial reaction to him is that he’s too complicated for me to really be interested in. (I’ve been playing Qiyana for several weeks now, and I’m finally getting the hang of her. I don’t need another complicated champ to worry about right now.)

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I’m confused. Does he have a passive or doesn’t he?

Nope. If he does, it’s probably that his multiple guns are on rotation and each gun is different from the rest.

Is that how TF works? I’ve never played him, but I know his cards change somehow …

Well yes but no.

Aphelios gun switching thingy is his perk.

TFs card switcharoo is just one ability and once you activate it, you get a rotation of three cards. Stun, slow, mana refund.

Oh, gotcha. (My daughter has played him a couple of times, including a match I played with her, but she was in another lane and I didn’t see anything about how he worked.)

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I quite like playing TF, but the Pick a card is kinda dumb. Basically it’s activate the ability to put the cards on rotation (switching every second or so) and activate again when the card you want comes up. It’s almost always only worth using the gold (stun) card tho.