New Champion - Akshan

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Release date is 22 July …

To me (and to many others), he looks extremely overpowered by design … :persevere:

Apparently his overall stats are very similar to SONA!

Lmao how are you able to survive in Midlane with stats like those. And not to mention his damage/atk speed is lower than your botlane Adc… I guess only the highly mechanical players will be able to use him and not feed the enemy team.

So he’s playable in PBE now, and (of course), my daughter is having a ball with him. He’s actually pretty good, and that grappling hook is going to be a giant pain to deal with. We played as a duo in bot lane, and we wrecked. (I was Samira each time.)




Official splash art for Akshan and his launch skin in high res :arrow_up: