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New Catherine Skin for watching the tournament right now


According to SEMC on Twitch you need to:

  1. Load the Vainglory App up.
  2. Click on the event.
  3. Click to watch the Tournament.
  4. Watch for at least 1 hour ( 60 minutes ).

The skin will be given to all who do this within two weeks. There are no commands you need to do like !claim or !skin. Just watch for at least one hour.


@RSerperior You know what to do.



Is the same championship cath skin?


Am I the only one who literally didn’t know there’s gonna be worlds today?



Worlds has had a viewbase smaller than that of Chinese Pegga Pig knockoffs.


Apparently there is a free Phinn skin for watching this. I imagine its the same as before? Watch for an hour and then you get it within two weeks?


I’m pretty sure it was the Championship Catherine Skin


Smec gives free skin more like I sleep… Literally. :koshkalaugh:


what is this pegga pig konockoff??