New category #Matchmaker

We have a saltmine.
We have 5v5.
What we don’t have is a place to put bad matches in.

Last match I was up against 3 VG two of which were silver. With an SA who was pretty clueless. Not his fault but the MM



How long does it take for people to stop banning Alpha smh

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These are back to back matches. Straight after eachother. Far from the same match in player ELO…

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they don’t seem that bad actually. you had a win and a loss. clearly MM is giving you a challenge. You’re getting picky. As long as there wasn’t any afk’s and surrenders, I’d consider those GG.

When something is so broken you make a new category for it lmao :joy::joy:


They were both steamroll matches. One game had an afk for half the game but still won…

In both matches the difference between the teams or several individuals is so big that it becomes a landslide…

If its legit criticism, I don’t see why it can’t be set as a regular post.

If its typical complaining I don’t see how the salt mine is NOT appropriate. Do we also need specific categories for afkers, trollers, tryhards, people with no map awareness, and horrendous/troll builds?

We don’t, that question was rhetorical. It might be frustrating, but matchmaker “mistakes” are nothing special.


Well there are a lot of posts regarding the matchmaker that don’t fit in anywhere really.

The algoryths seem to be stumbling or nonfunctioning…

Posts about the subject are related to a non in game issue and can therefor not be placed correctly anywhere…

MM is bad now,there is no denying it. I was 1 point away from SA bronze when I got a string of matches which pulled me back to Hotness bronze. It was a string of loss which had me tilted and blaming my teammates when in reality it was one or two mismatched players in my team who couldn’t really be blamed as they were in matches they should not have been in

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Why does that koshka outperform you though?
Your build lacks damage. That bonesaw is horrible. Poison shiv combined with raw damage works.
You don’t even have 200 bonus wp with 3 items that is costing your team a carry. When you build only 3 offense items they have to count.

No burst and no sustained damage, no scalable damage either. If you had burst you’d damage squishies if you had scalable damage you’d take down tanks. Now you have nothing.

I make the same mistake in this game:

The koshka had better damage output because she was engaged in fights throughout the match, I usually play very conservatively until I hit my powerspikes. My damage output with SSW+PS+infusion was ridiculous and that forced the enemy team to get MJ for me, I brought TB third item and sold it for BS once I saw every one had defense up. I never lacked in damage, I did the mistake of not getting aegis and ignoring the cp vox and lost the match because of it

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You had very low damage… So no your damage wasn’t insane. The koshka had a much better build.

The tb was better than the bonesaw and you sold an item while not even having full slots?

Tb Ssw BP

All are superior to what you are doing damage wise.

Heck SB TM would give out more wp than you have with 3 items.

The koshka without Aftershock had more CP than you had bonus wp…

I explained the reason why I had low damage, if it could be plotted time wise more than 70% of my damage would have been after 12 mins when I started teamfighting. I get your point though, I could have built something other than the bonesaw and just focussed on deleting the vox which I didn’t do and that vox down would have turned teamfights in our favour

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I complain a tonn about Lantency, Lag, ping… network connections… i could write a whole novel on the bloody subject.

As much as I would like a place to dedicate my complaints to, I don’t think it would be helpful. :joy::sweat_smile::laughing:

Pausing vainglory for awhile and only refreshing my 3v3 decay timer untill semcs completely revamps the 5v5 matchmaking system. “Will pass it on to the devs” my a.

I wish people would stop blaming the mmr for a side effect. The mmr can’t always find the perfect set up as vg doesn’t have enough players at all times if semc ramps up on marketing and fixing issues that are longstanding the mmr would eventually level out to giving you a true matchup. You hear so many complaints about the mmr needing to be fixed but it’s problems are just side effects of the underlying issues

I don’t know if you mean MMR or match maker but the match maker certainly needs to be blamed as much as possible until fixed. This isn’t just people being salty because of a loss or two. This is completely broken. People playing their first ranked ever in their 3 weeks old VG life and matching the best players in the world in ranked is NOT a side effect. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Should never happen under any circumstances ever. If it is somehow acceptable in casual due to lack of players this should never be happening in ranked. And SEMC needs to act now before more people get pissed because of it. Solo queue is honestly unplayable most of the time.

Again if there aren’t enough players on at a time no amount of fixing the match maker will help

Again if the match maker searches for 50 seconds and then matches you with people 6 tiers below it is broken. I said that a few days ago but me and 3 of my friends wanted to play but quad queue is disabled so we tried sniping each other. We are all relatively the same rank and after about 1-2 min we all got in games. My duo was in a match where besides us the highest tier was t4 and the other duo had around hotness at most. But we weren’t in the same game. If that isn’t proof of how bad this actually is I don’t know what else to do.

So you honestly rather wait 10-60 minute q times