New bp is working apparently

Taken from the the FB page
This guy really wanted his hats

Also, does anyone recall them mentioning that you can’t claim previous rewards upon purchasing the BP?

I think u can claim like old bp as usual

I was going to say “that’s bullshit no one could play that much so fast” but then I remembered you could buy levels. :upside_down_face:

It kind of cheapens the whole impressiveness of finishing sunlight when you know someone just bought their way to the top before you.

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I was just gonna say that but your comment made me realize about the ice :slight_smile:

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“it’s a sense of pride and accomplishment!”


Lmao that’s the cheapest :joy: excuse for revenue I’ve ever heard

It’s written before you buy the battle pass - you can claim all the “rewards”.

They had a good idea and ofc ruined it for profit. :slight_smile:

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um… i’m curious how much sunlight needed for 50 to 51 and 99 to 100

Two weeks (I think) in and Im already level 44.

I really dont care about my rank anymore.
I just want my Contender Kestrel skin to look fine as fudge with that fire halo :sleeping:

We’re only 6 days in… I’m only level 18…

Oof i got sunlight boosters and the all access pass (from chests and the BP) along with my LE skins soo…